Profit from Market Uncertainty

How do we facilitate the Scenario Planning workshops?

  • We base them on the scenario planning processes of the most successful companies.
  • Our Workshop Facilitators will encourage your team to use their knowledge of your organisation and your industry
  • We will generate scenarios using the forces and trends we see from both within and from outside of your organisation
  • You’ll begin to see how best to position yourselves to take advantage of those trends and uncertainties

What are the benefits of Scenario Planning the Rainmaker way?

  • The scenarios are realistic and usable not “pie in the sky”.
  • We create a safe but energised environment for the the team
  • You look in a detached and unemotional way at the industry forces
  • You assess their possible impact on your organisation.
  • You are prepared when changes begin to happen
  • You’re positioned and equipped to take advantage
  • You don’t merely sit on the sidelines and watch change happen.
  • Everyone’s input is captured, is expressed and seen by all.
  • In short…. We evolve a plan that will maximise any opportunities!

What will you walk out with after the scenario planning workshop?

  • A force field map of forces at work within your industry.
  • Four separate probable and possible future scenarios
  • Each with opportunities and threats for your company
  • A decision making context in which to view investment decisions
  • A filter for Opportunities to create and to take advantage of…
  • A report detailing the scenarios and the implications for the business.

How much does a Rainmaker facilitator cost?

  • If it’s a straight forward , 1-day Strategy Planning Session during the week (not weekends)
  • There is a little phone / email based briefing to be done
  • A facilitator for the 1 day workshop , all materials , all planning and prep, travel to and from the venue
  • Then a good “ball-park” figure is £1,750 + VAT including everything
  • If you need us to help you construct a Knowledge Café or World Café with lots of people
  • Multiple stakeholders with different interests involved
  • Different clean questions and group and plenary sessions
  • May be a face to face briefing and lots of pre-planning then a good range is £3k to £7.5K
  • Call us , Discuss your needs and we’ll give you a fixed price quotation in half a day.

A few of our more recent Workshop projects

Not all of these are Scenario Planning  workshops!

  1. Scenario Planning for the Executive Team of the National Foundation for Education Research (Slough) 
    Looking for New Products and Services to develop in a changing market
  2. Scenario Planning for Transport for London
    Surface Transport Team “The future of Cycling in London”
  3. Scenario Planning looking for Growth Opportunities for Monty’s Bakehouse in South London
  4. External Board of Directors of Equality and Human Rights Commission
    • A variety of topics in a 1 day a month sequence
  5. Department of Health Senior Leadership Team
    • Running a Knowledge Cafe style workshop with the topic of
    • “Responsible Drinking for London”
    • Medical Professions, Politicians, Charities etc
  6. Kuoni A Multi-National Travel Company
    • New Leader with an existing team
    • Agreeing a New Vision and New Approach
  7. Strategic Planning workshops for Microsoft Services in the UK.
    • First workshop had 32 people in it, the next one 45 and the next 64 people
    • All rated as hugely successful by the teams.
  8. High impact scenario workshops for BP ( Castrol division)
  9. A weekend based strategy planning workshop for a fast growing IT Services business NETSTAR
  10. A European team member workshop for a new Director in Kuoni
  11. An Operations team strategy and performance improvement workshop for Concrete an IT Platform company
  12. Strategic Planning for ALL of the people in a small software company. Caresys
  13. Strategic Planning for VISA Europe’s Central European Team
  14. Workshops for the managers in a fast growing Homecare company  Abicare
  15. Process Improvement Workshops for a Printing company CPI BOOKS
  16. Workshop and Business Planning with 15 Subsidiary M.D.s for VINCI ENERGIES
    1. Second Series with subsets of VINCI businesses

Where have we facilitated workshops?

  • London and Thames Valley    West Midlands  Essex and Norfolk
  • South West of England   +      Germany / France / Gibraltar

Who are the people who will actually facilitate the workshops?


What do our clients say of our services?

“The scenario and business planning sessions Rainmaker facilitated with the management team at Empower were powerful and illuminating.
Their skill and experience in this area certainly helped us to move forward significantly towards where we needed to be”

Phil Lawler: Chairman of Empower Ltd.

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