Who should attend this Workshop?

It could be any or all of the CEO or Managing Director, Founder of the Start-up, Chairman, Financial Director
Essentially it’s whoever from the initial team is running the external funding process and working closely on it.

What problems might this group be having?

No one present on the initial team has any prior, or recent, experience of the external funding process.
They wish to make the business as “presentable” as possible to have best chance of success.

What issues does the workshop try to help this group resolve?

The workshop will close the experience gap.
It will also ensure that the both the rationale for seeking funding and the company’s “story” to investors stack up and are stress-tested

What kind of things will we do on the workshop?

The team will work through a typical investment business plan template.
We’ll all assess the appropriateness and quality of information available against what’s expected.
Then we’ll construct answers to tough, probing questions expected from potential investors.

The Benefits will be that you’ll know exactly what needs to happen to make the company
as attractive as possible to a potential investor.  The workshop will accelerate the process.

Will there be any preparation required?

Your Facilitator Charles Ward will arrange to have a  Pre-briefing phone call with your sponsor
and run through  a checklist of company information required in advance and on the day
On the day of the workshop he’ll then take you through this outline sequence

There are five phases to the workshop.

  1. Testing the rationale for funding
  2. Create the draft elevator pitch
  3. Review and critique existing information against standard templates.
  4. Gap analysis
  5. Agree on actions for completion

Agree timescales and possible future review sessions.

What specifically will  we walk away with?

Clarity on funding rationale.
Draft headline/elevator pitch for investors.
Templates for the various documents with gap analysis against each section.
Resulting action plan for completion.

Who have you run this workshop with before?

Company (IoT software) needed to raise external funding for the first time.
No prior experience of the process other than a “friends and family” seed round.
Workshop with the CEO re-examined the company’s ambition and strategy, exploring all funding options before deciding on equity only.
Conducted a gap analysis on suitability of business plan, investor deck and pitches and identified action plan for rapid completion.
Company made huge strides in its ability to present itself to investors in different scenarios.
Funding round successfully completed with 6 months of initial workshop.

Company (Surveillance Solutions) was about to commit to major channel partnership.
This coincided with preparation for an interim funding round.
Workshop with the founder involved a thorough and holistic examination of their business strategy with deep dive into potential areas of risk that investors were likely to probe (effectively a simulated investor meeting).
The founder gained tremendous boost in confidence having had the company’s plans seriously stress-tested as well as its strategy validated.
Funding was secured and partnership agreement confirmed shortly afterwards.

What is unique about your approach or your experience?

There is a plethora of free advice on this topic.
However doing it and doing it well can be extremely challenging.
This approach is about getting it right first time and fully testing the company’s rationale and business case.
Securing funding can be tougher than winning business.
It’s competitive, so cutting & pasting is not advised!

How much does this Rainmaker workshop + facilitator cost?

  • A facilitator for this 1 day workshop , all materials , all planning and prep, travel to and from the venue
  • So long as the venue is within a 50 mile radius of Reading. If not we’ll add a little transport or overnight cost.
  • A good “ball-park” figure is £1,500 + VAT including everything
  • Call us , Discuss your needs and we’ll give you a fixed price quotation in One Working day .

Call us now on: 0845 652 1955 for landlines or 0333 444 1955 for mobiles

Send us an email on info@rainmaker-coaching.co.uk . Give us your name, company name , a phone number to call you on.
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