New Product Development Workshops

Stuck with a few ideas for new products or services?

Team not sure what’s next?

You have a number of new ideas but you are not sure what should be the order of priority or in what order to introduce them?

The Rainmaker team have run a number of workshops that have tested and created new ideas for product and service innovation

  • We’ve facilitated a workshop between a client and their major customer
    • Between them they generated 20 new “low-cost to implement” ideas that would improve the products performance in the eyes of the client


  • We’ve extensively planned and facilitated a customer / stakeholder workshop based on Knowledge Café Principles
    • It revealed why a new product had not been as successful as anticipated
    • It also came up with a series of actions to get it back on track.


  • We’ve also facilitated an internal team planning a major investment in a Data-Centre used by its clients.
    • Generating suggestions to improve usability from a selling viewpoint
    • Additional low cost ideas but of high value to clients using the datacentre frequently

If you have a need to pull together teams of people and generate a creative buzz and generate new ideas then this workshop is for you.

How much does a Rainmaker facilitator cost?

  • If it’s a straight forward , 1-day Strategy Planning Session during the week (not weekends)
  • There is a little phone / email based briefing to be done
  • A facilitator for the 1 day workshop , all materials , all planning and prep, travel to and from the venue
  • Then a good “ball-park” figure is £1,750 + VAT including everything
  • If you need us to help you construct a Knowledge Café or World Café with lots of people
  • Multiple stakeholders with different interests involved
  • Different clean questions and group and plenary sessions
  • May be a face to face briefing and lots of pre-planning then a good range is £3k to £7.5K
  • Call us , Discuss your needs and we’ll give you a fixed price quotation in half a day .

A few of our more recent Workshop projects

  1. External Board of Directors of Equality and Human Rights Commission
    • A variety of topics in a 1 day a month sequence
  2. Department of Health Senior Leadership Team
    • Running a Knowledge Cafe style workshop with the topic of
    • “Responsible Drinking for London”
    • Medical Professions, Politicians, Charities etc
  3. Kuoni A Multi-National Travel Company
    • New Leader with an existing team
    • Agreeing a New Vision and New Approach
  4. Strategic Planning workshops for Microsoft Services in the UK.
    • First workshop had 32 people in it, the next one 45 and the next 64 people
    • All rated as hugely successful by the teams.
  5. High impact scenario workshops for BP ( Castrol division)
  6. A weekend based strategy planning workshop for a fast growing IT Services business NETSTAR
  7. A European team member workshop for a new Director in Kuoni
  8. An Operations team strategy and performance improvement workshop for Concrete an IT Platform company
  9. Strategic Planning for ALL of the people in a small software company. Caresys
  10. Strategic Planning for VISA Europe’s Central European Team
  11. Workshops for the managers in a fast growing Homecare company  Abicare
  12. Process Improvement Workshops for a Printing company CPI BOOKS
  13. Workshop and Business Planning with 15 Subsidiary M.D.s for VINCI ENERGIES
    1. Second Series with subsets of VINCI businesses

Where have we facilitated workshops?

  • London and Thames Valley    West Midlands  Essex and Norfolk
  • South West of England   +      Germany / France / Gibraltar

If this workshop looks like something that would suit you…

Call us now on: 0845 652 1955

Or if you using a mobile call us now on: 0333 444 1955

Email us at: and we’ll call you back in one working day we promise .