Want to hear EVERYONE’S IDEAS and discuss them? Short of time?

The World Cafe or Knowledge Cafe is a collaborative dialogue process that draws on the collective intelligence of a group, shares knowledge and provides creative solutions to challenging questions.

The environment is set up like a café. (Hence Knowledge Cafe)

  • People sit in small groups (4 to 8 to a table).
  • They hold a series of conversational rounds lasting from 20 to 45 minutes centred around one specific question.
  • (The Rainmaker Facilitator will spend time with your team to make your questions CLEAN and unambiguous)
  • At the end of each round, one person remains at each table as the host.
  • The others travel to separate tables. Table hosts welcome newcomers to their tables and share the essence of that table’s conversation so far.
  • The newcomers relate any conversational threads they are carrying and then the conversation continues, deepening as the round progresses.
  • By providing opportunities for people to move in several rounds of conversations, ideas, questions, and themes begin to link and connect.
  • At the end of the second round, all of the tables or conversation clusters in the room will be cross-pollinated with insights from prior conversations.
  • In the third round of conversation, people can return to their home (original) tables to synthesize their discoveries, or they may continue travelling to a new table.
  • Sometimes a new question that helps deepen the exploration is posed for the third round of conversation.
  • After several rounds of conversation, a period of sharing discoveries and insights takes place in a whole group conversation.
  • It is in these larger meeting-style conversations that patterns can be identified, collective knowledge grows, and possibilities for action emerge.
  • One important aspect of World Café is the equality of all contributions, status and ego have no part to play in World Café.
  • Our Workshop Facilitators will encourage these contributions and this equality of input.
  • Even the quiet people will have their voices heard in our World Cafe workshops

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Who are the people who will actually facilitate the World Cafe workshops?

Stuart Whant : Workshop Facilitator

Stuart has over 20 years of experience within the world of business
– working within operational business management and HR.
He developed his career within an environment of industry leading service ethics.

He also spent four years as MD and Development Director of one of the UK’s most ambitious and fastest growing charitable organisations with personal responsibility for organisational and strategic change. This included the successful construction of a ground breaking £5m capital project, formation of strategic and operational plans and external political and high profile relationships, target led management, implementing large scale change policies.

He has added 12 years of experience as a change manager, senior facilitator, coach and lead trainer operating with a wide range of clients including, blue chip corporate, public bodies, owner managed SME’s and charitable sector clients in the UK – supporting budget holders within HR, operational and business management.


  • Designing and implementing organisational and cultural change
  • Building high performance teams
  • Facilitating groups to achieve consensus on the way forward creating an effective working partnership

Stuart has the ability to put his own personality profile to effective use across a range of situations to create the desired outcome.

Industry Sector Experience:
Since becoming a consultant he has worked with a wide range of clients in the B2B and B2C worlds including:

  • Defense and high end electronics , Permanent Exhibition Facilities
  • Agricultural Sales and Service, Vehicle Sales and Service
  • Financial Services, Oil refining and distribution
  • Retail and wholesale, Hospitality

Chris Gamblin: Workshop Facilitator

Chris has worked closely, and at senior level, with companies such as JCB, Mowlem, BAE Systems, and Vodafone.
He has worked with Government departments such as the MOD and in a variety of Housing Associations. Chris also partners with Manchester Business School and Liverpool University.
Chris was previously European HR Director for Northern Telecom, and UK (Sales) HR Director for Hewlett Packard. His experience is in Top Team alignment and Business Direction (Strategy Development). He is a specialist in leadership and culture development.

Who have we facilitated workshops for?

  • Strategic Planning workshops for Microsoft Services in the UK.
    • First workshop had 32 people in it, the next one 45 and the next 64 people
    • All rated as hugely successful by the teams.
  • High impact scenario workshops for BP ( Castrol division)
  • A weekend based strategy planning workshop for a fast growing IT Services business NETSTAR
  • A European team member workshop for a new Director in Kuoni
  • An Operations team strategy and performance improvement workshop for Concrete an IT Platform company
  • Strategic Planning for ALL of the people in a small software company. Caresys
  • Strategic Planning for VISA Europe’s Central European Team
  • Workshops for the managers in a fast growing Homecare company  Abicare
  • Process Improvement Workshops for a Printing company CPI BOOKS
  • Workshop and Business Planning with 15 Subsidiary M.D.s for VINCI ENERGIES
    • Second Series with subsets of VINCI businesses

Where have we facilitated workshops?

  • London and Thames Valley
  • Essex and Norfolk
  • West Midlands
  • South West of England
  • Germany / France / Gibraltar

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