Who should attend?

CEO/MD, Chairman, Owner
Basically decision makers who can bring about change.
Between one and four participants usually.

What problems might this group be having?

Company is “stuck”, it appears to be in a rut and not growing as expected.
It’s not clear what’s causing the problem (simply putting pressure on the sales team is unlikely to be a viable solution).

What issues does the workshop try to help this group resolve?

Identifying what’s really holding the company back and what the options are for returning to growth.

What kind of things will we do during the workshop?

Participate in a facilitated, structured discussion that takes a holistic view of the company and its situation.
It involves candid questioning and constructive challenge from the coach in order to achieve a fresh, objective perspective as a basis for drawing the right conclusions on what to do next.

Will there be any preparation required?

One, possibly two, pre-briefing telephone calls with the sponsor and supplying the coach with relevant info,
ie business plan & strategy documents.
Participants must ready to challenge their thinking about what’s possible in the business and explore options with an open mind.

Is there an outline sequence of activities
for the workshop you will tailor to each group?

There are usually three phases to the workshop.
1. Open & frank facilitated discussion about current situation.
2. Coach plays back his understanding against a simple business model framework and sets out hypotheses on what the core challenges are and what the causes might be.
Each are openly discussed by the participants leading to potential solutions.
3. Agree on core conclusions and determine the set of important actions.

What specifically will we walk away with?

A common, shared perspective
A set of clear crisply defined actions for the next 30-90 period that will deal with core issues and help unlock opportunities.
Coach provides written summary 3-5 days post workshop.

Who have you done this with before?
What were some of the results?
Do you have any evidence of this from your clients?

Company (Home Care Services provider) had experienced sudden and unexpected business downturn prompting need for an urgent tactical recovery plan as well as a longer term strategy review. Workshop with CEO & FD managed to combine an objective situation analysis with a more strategic assessment of the market opportunities and future positioning options for the company once recovery plans were in place.
The team benefited hugely from having greater clarity about short and medium term priorities – a way forward.

Company (Data Warehousing) recognised that in order to address a gradually flattening revenue line it needed to transition from a sales-led, opportunistic model to a more scientific target market approach and better understand the role of partners.
Needed to work out how? Workshop with Country Manager and Sales Director involved thorough examination of the market opportunity and company positioning.
Determined that market segmentation and ideal customer profiling could improve both revenue and margins and that a collaborative approach to carefully selected partners would bring further improvements.
Company now in a position to develop an effective strategy for growth in the UK based on workshop conclusions and recommendations.
Management team now confident in putting a strong business case to parent company to support a revised strategy and secure necessary resources to execute.

What is unique about your approach?

The approach is based on a holistic examination of the business and helps participants identify, through structured questioning, where it needs to focus for greatest impact. The process is designed to be disruptive, but never confrontational, and ultimately to cause the participants to attempt new ways to improve performance.

How much does it cost?

The One day workshop is priced at £1,500 + VAT .
This is an all inclusive price so long as you are within a 50 mile radius of Reading Berks.
If you are outside then give us a call and we’ll give you a price in One working day .
We promise.

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