Time Management and Personal Productivity Training

Increases the time you have available to get things done

Aimed at Time Challenged Professionals

Today’s fast-paced customer-centric marketplace requires a highly responsive time-dependant approach.
An overloaded ‘not enough time’ culture impairs business performance.
Unexpected tasks compete with existing workloads; and long working hours reduce productivity.

The Solution – Using Your Time More Effectively

Our solution applies to every type of situation and is designed to be both practical and fun.
It instils best-practice time-management skills into each participant’s working habits, no matter what their situation is.
These can be used as a highly effective base on which participants can begin to prioritise and manage their workloads effectively.

Delegates will be asked to complete a pre-programme assignment, to look at their experience of the past 30 days in general and the past 7 days in detail.

Here’s a Sample of a Time Management Workbook from previous workshops.
Time Management Workbook

The Business Benefits

Our programme benefits, including:

  • more done in less time
  • transformation to a highly productive ‘can-do’ business culture
  • increased business performance

Participants will learn how to:

  • alter their beliefs around their use of time
  • adopt better time-related behaviours
  • prioritise, focus and plan their time more effectively
  • streamline business meetings, emails and unexpected demands
  • control time rather than letting time take control
  • make time to invest in the future
  • assign cost and value to daily routines, tasks and meetings
  • handle their in-trays: whether paper, electronic or ‘mental’
  • plan the next 30 days in detail

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