Team Leader Training:

A  1 day Team Leader Training workshop

Many organisations promote capable team members to the role of team leader or manager.

This reward often backfires due to a lack of awareness of the skills and processes needed to make the transition into a competent line or project manager / leader.

We work with clients to deliver programmes of practical development for new managers and team leaders.

We design and deliver this development in ways which allows immediate day to day application of learning supported not only by us but also your more experienced ‘role models’.

We deliver it ON-YOUR-SITE to only your Team Leaders so your style of managing will be what we use.

Our development is not only practical and effective but also aligned to your vision, goals and culture.

We can help you to clearly determine what ‘good’ looks like when it comes to first line management and develop your new managers and team leaders to deliver results using the most effective management skills and behaviours. This not only fast tracks their development but also reduce your management overhead by making them self-sufficient to a much greater degree.
This allows you to focus on the future whilst they and their teams look after the demands of the present day.

Our approach

The focus of our 1-day Team Leader Training workshop will be how to use the skills, knowledge and new ideas and to  practice once back with their teams. The Trainer will use the Team Leader’s real-world issues, needs and examples as a basis for discussions and practice. However confidentiality will be maintained, especially when participants’ real-world examples are discussed

What will attendees learn?  By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify the key skills and attributes of effective team leaders and managers.
  • Describe and use the stages of team development to improve team performance
  • Develop individual and team effectiveness and performance.
  • Manage productive team meetings and briefings
  • Co-create team plans and strategies for continuous improvement

Whats in this workshop 

  • Finding out your team’s current stage of development
  • Demonstrating that you are an active team contributor as well as team leader
  • Demonstrating your willingness to see things from their points of view
  • Recognising and valuing the differences in ways of working within your team
  • Keeping focused on your purpose and objectives
  • Believing in yourself and your team
  • Giving and getting performance and behavioural feedback
  • Resolving conflict and dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Handling conflict within the team and promoting collaborative behaviours
  • Supporting each other actively through the changes
  • Taking ownership for your team’s development as well as your own
  • Creating your personal development plan
  • Co-creating team development plans

How much is this programme ?

Grab the price list for all variants of Workshops from Rainmaker Rainmaker On-Your-Site Workshops Price List Valid until Nov 2017

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