Improve your Win Rates with our ‘Must-Win’ sales opportunity training

The Workshop introduces the process, tools and knowledge to enable participants to develop Sales Opportunity Plans for important customer projects.

It is ideal for anyone in a customer facing sales or support role in a business-to-business selling organisation with relatively complex and/or high value solutions.

This one-day workshop is a mixture of short interactive presentations with participants then applying the theory to a real current customer project.

  • Overview of Sales Opportunity Planning
  • Initial Project Qualification and Decision Making Process
    • Can we win this project; do we want to win it?
  • Open Criteria against Competitors
    • How do we rank versus the competition for the customer’s open decision-making criteria?
  • Selling Qualification – Open & Hidden Positioning
    • Information in the open customer domain and information known only to our close confidants
  • The Playing Field and Key Player Analysis
    • Who are the key people and what do we know/need to know about them?
  • Goal & Objectives
    • Set a Goal Statement and Objectives for the Plan
  • Compelling Value Proposition
    • What is our CVP for this customer project?
  • Open & Hidden Strategies
    • Our broad Strategies (approaches) to winning this project
  • Solution Specification
    • The broad specification of our solution offering for this customer project
  • Tactical Action Plan
    • Our action plan for who does what, to whom and when
  • Key Learning Points and Conclusions

Participants leave with their first complete Plan and have had feedback on it from both the facilitator and the other participants.

Who would run the workshop for you?

One of our Sales Trainers and coaches

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