Running Effective Meetings Training

Do you want to make Meetings More Productive?

Who wouldn’t? How much time could you save?

Suggested Format for the Workshop

  • The first part of the day is spent observing your normal team meeting
  • Understanding your normal method of organising and working through the agenda items.
  • Our facilitator will be taking notes on what goes well and what can be improved using structures like the one below and will merely ask questions to clarify actions, agreements and owners if necessary
  • The second ½ day is spent on our “Making Meetings More Productive” Workshop.
  • We always aim in our workshops to give attendees a little theory then use demonstrations.
  • Lots and lots of just doing it! Practicing with the trainer and your colleagues
  • We do expect delegates to bring common meeting issues to deal with during the workshop

How many delegates do we recommend to attend?

12 Max

What ares the issues we are trying to Solve?

For most of us, meetings are an essential part of our work lives.

However the very mention of the word can send a cold shiver down our spines.

One wag observed:

“Meetings are like panda matings.  The expectations are always high, but the results are usually disappointing.”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Many organizations have improved their meeting productivity, the morale of participants and the quality of their outputs by the using a number of tools, structures, rules for meeting agreements all of which we’ll cover in our workshop

What are the questions that we’ll cover during the workshop?

  • Why are you holding this meeting?
    •  Too often meetings happen because they are the “weekly staff meeting”
    • or the monthly sales review”
    • and “we always have them” even when there is nothing significant to discuss.
  • Does the need for the meeting justify the investment of time and money?
    • Do you know how much the meeting is costing?
      We’ll show you how to calculate the costs of a meeting to your organisation…
  • What is the expected outcome of the meeting?
    • What is to be accomplished during the time invested?
      Establishing a desired outcome provides a focus and a “benchmark” against which actual outcomes can be measured.
  • What type of meeting is it? 
    •  The mission and responsibility of your work group usually prescribes the purpose and type of meetings necessary to accomplish your goals.
  • Have you invited the right people?
    • On the basis of the type of meeting planned, you will want to be certain the right people will be there.
  • Have you allocated the right amount of time?
    • Have you created an agenda for the meeting?
    • Have you published the agenda with sufficient lead-time so attendees know what to expect?
  • Who does what in your meetings? 
    •  We’ll touch on the four key roles in meetings
    •  Facilitator – Timekeeper – Minute Taker -Scribe
  • How will decisions be made during the meeting?
    • Who will make the final decision?
    • What rules and conventions will we abide by in our meetings?

Grab the Datasheet  Rainmaker Making Meetings More Productive Workshop

Who will be leading the Making Meetings More Productive workshop?

Kevin Howes MCIPD

Kevin Howes 2016Kevin has more than 25 years delivering bottom-line results in blue-chip companies and SMEs.

His clients tell him they like his informal, practical, straight-talking approach.

He’ll roll up his sleeves and build enduring relationships at all levels based on mutual trust, personal credibility and a passion for achieving agreed results.

He’s trained people in companies like AbiCare , Accident Exchange, Britax, Commsoft , DaimlerChrysler, Epson, Ford, Griffon-Hoverwork, Hewlett-Packard, Legal & General, Lloyds Bank, Oracle, Sankyo, BT Cellnet (now 02), and Zurich Financial Services to name but a few

How much does the 1-day on-your-site Workshop cost?

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