Triple Your Growth, Through Simple Business Development Training Programmes

Your business has a massive untapped resource of business development opportunities.

Business development training helps unlock these, by leveraging employees across your business to look for and develop new sales and business development opportunities.

Why limit your sales and business development activities to just one small set of employees, when you can get everyone working towards your key business goal of driving sales, cash flow and ultimately profit.

If you are frustrated that your business isn’t growing at the pace you would like, don’t waste another day, take a look at the resources you currently have and focus them on achieving your sales and margin growth targets.

What does business development training focus on?

The main focus of business development training is to train every part of your business to look for and develop sales opportunities.

We don’t want to turn your employees into sales people, we show them simple, non threatening, easy to implement strategies and tactics to help them develop stronger relationships with your customers and look for opportunities whilst going about their day to day activities.

What is Business Development Training?

The business development training workshops introduce Business Development processes, tools, and knowledge to teams of non sales people.

The skills learnt in the business development training sessions show your customer facing teams how to make it rain Sales Opportunities.

The training sessions are made up from a series of modules that focus on the different skills needed to spot and nurture sales opportunities that exist all around them.

Who is Business Development Training For?

The business development workshops are ideal for anyone in a customer facing services role in a business-to-business organisation.

These teams usually work on relatively complex and/or high value solutions.

They could be IT Consultants, Subject Matter Experts or Customer or Services Engineers.
They could also be Surveyors, Engineers, Lawyers and Accountants.

Where do we start?

The business development training starts with a workshop to identify what are the Business Development issues within your business.

The issues are often broad in nature, we bring focus and clarity to these to enable your organisation to focus on the things that will bring you greatest benefit.

We get the team together to surface ALL the issues.

We then get the team to categorise them into:

  • Skills of the Team
    • What skills do they have?
    • What do they lack?
  • Knowledge of the Team
    • Local targets
    • Markets
    • Clients
    • Your services
  • Motivation
    • What gets in the way of Business Development?
    • What encourages them to develop business?
  • Environment
    • What rocks are there on what runways?
    • What in the environment encourages Business Development?
    • What discourages it? a focus on Utilisation is common

The teams are then asked to work through solutions to all of these issues.

  • Asking what can I do?
  • What can we do as a team?

We’ll build with them a Breakthrough plan to get Rainmaking front and centre in everything that you do.

What next?

After we have covered the basics and identified where the issues and opportunities lie, we can focus on developing the skills and business process to help you teams deliver business development opportunities ongoing.

The approaches learned in this training programme need to be woven into the fabric of your business so that you enjoy an ongoing stream of new sales opportunities that are generated from within your business.

The next steps would include:

A Process Improvement Workshop

We’ll get your team to look at their whole process of Business Development. We call this “Contact to Contract”.

We will use LEAN methods to go through AS-IS and TO-BE processes.

This usually reveals holes in the processes where prospects disappear never to be seen again!

Once we have taken the team through these we might suggest…

Major Account Workshops

The major account workshops will focus on your top 20% of clients that will generate 80% of your opportunities by value.  The output from the major account workshops will give your teams actionable tasks to follow to start generating streams of new opportunities with your best customers.

Then we’re probably ready to suggest…

Skills based workshops

Skill based workshops will focus on giving your teams the right skills to enable them to be successful Rainmakers and develop sales opportunities on a regular basis.

We would help you choose from the following topics for the workshops:

  • Professional Networking: Strategies and Tactics
  • Rapport and getting it quickly with clients
  • Planning Great Customer Appointments
  • Influencing Techniques: Laws of Influence and Tactics
  • Question and Listening based Business Development Techniques
  • Initial Project Qualification
    • Can we win this project; do we want to win it?
  • Buying Processes and Client Decision Making Process
    • Understanding the Open Criteria against Competitors
    •  (and the Closed Criteria!)
    • How do we rank versus the competition for the customer’s open decision-making criteria?
  •  Open & Hidden Positioning
    • Information in the open customer domain
    • Information known only to our close confidants
  • The Playing Field and Key Player Analysis
    • Who are the key people?
    • Wwhat do we know/need to know about them?
  • Our Business Development Goals & Objectives
    • Set a Goal Statement and Objectives for the Plan
  • Compelling Value Proposition
    • What is our CVP for this customer project?
  • Open & Hidden Strategies
    • Our broad Strategies (approaches) to winning this project
  • Solution Specification
    • The broad specification of our solution offering for this customer project
  • Tactical Business Development Action Plan
    • Our action plan for who does what, to whom and when

Participants will leave these workshop modules with materials and tool kits to help them hit the ground running and keep the momentum going long after the workshop is finished.

We encourage participants to use real examples in the workshops, this will give them a ready made plan which they can start to implement the day they get back to work.

Who would run the business development workshops?

One of our Rainmaker Sales and Business Development Trainers and coaches

How much would a series of On-Your-Site Workshops cost?

The investment required for each organisation is different because every programme  is tailored for each new client.

However if you wanted a “Ball-Park” figure then we recently delivered a programme for 36 client facing, technical people.
It consisted of 5 x 1-Day Workshops delivered  at the rate of 1 day per month for 5 months for just over £15,000 + VAT .
That converts into 5 days of Business Development training per person at a rate of £400 per person or £80 per person per day delivered on-site.

Our Guarantee

If your organisation implements everything that it learns in the business development training programme, we guarantee that you will see a 200 – 300% increase in the number of business development opportunities generated within your business.

In fact, by the end of the training programme, you will already have in your possession a list of opportunities and the skills and strategies to turn those into new revenue.

There are few programmes that offer a better return on investment.

This programme helps you get the most out of resources you are already paying for.

Next Steps

If you are ready to get the most out of everything that you already have.

Call us on 0333 444 1955 from your mobile and we’ll come to see you.
or Call us on 0845 652 1955 from your land line and we’ll do the same 

We guarantee that you’ll walk away with 2 good ideas whether you choose to use us or not.

We’ll send you an outline proposal as to how we can work together to build Rainmakers which will see you generating new business development opportunities for years to come.

The Group Coaching is specifically tailored to the audience their specific issues and clients.
The sessions are usually delivered as a series of one-day workshops.
We build them to fit with your budgets.
We know you you need to balance delivering services / utilisation to clients and revenue to your company.

The workshops are all a mixture of short interactive presentations with participants then applying the theories and structures to real current customer projects.