How about Project Manager Soft Skills Training for your project managers?

Would improving their soft skills skills help you navigate your way to success?

What might a Project Manager Soft Skills programme look like?

You may choose to start with

Project and Performance Management

1-Day On-Your-Site with a ½ day follow-up 4 weeks  later

This Project Manager Soft Skills Workshop could include the following:

  • The role and purpose of project manager/leaders
  • How to Turbo Charge projects
  • Using data to create meaningful and high impact messages
  • Creating consistency in reporting and behaviours
  • Project review processes and behaviours
  • Achieving a high challenge and low risk environment to gain openness, trust and consensus.
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Using Transactional Analysis to gain understanding of helpful and unhelpful behaviours
  • Creating a environment of virtuous circles
  • We will use our business acting team
  • We will build scenarios that have been tailor-made to your projects

This is a unique and powerful opportunity for project managers to experience and become involved in dealing with behavioural and process issues effectively, putting their learning into practice and using feedback and coaching to improve performance.

You may wish to continue with …

Project / Programme Leadership Programme

A Two Day Project Manager Soft Skills Workshop again followed 4 weeks later with a 1/2 day recap

This workshop builds on the work of the first Project Manager Programme and takes it to the next level. It will take aspects from Leadership theory and practice and bring them into the world of the project leader.

Topics that will be covered in this programme will be:

  • Review of achievement and issues using a “Snakes and Ladders” approach to create comparison and flush out root causes as well as providing an updated record of current state
  • Introducing the difference between Leadership and Management by sharing how we think and perceive ( Brain Processes ) and introducing the concepts of the “Inner Game” and “Outer Game”
  • Delivering Leadership
  • Using a 360 degree inventory to enable them to see how others perceive them and to understand their preferred way of doing things and the implications.
  • Successfully Influencing others who have a different perspective
  • High impact communications and conflict management
  • Extensive use of our team of business actors throughout to reinforce and create memorable learning and practice

Again the specific agenda and scenarios to be acted out and exercises to be performed will be specifically tailored and agreed with you …

You may then continue wit:

Project Success Planning

A 2-day Project Management Soft Skills Masterclass Workshop

With follow up Live project audit and coaching sessions.

This workshop and coaching process deals with the following aspects:

Project Governance

  • Scope and objectives and Sponsorship
  • Project organisation
  • Project planning and control methodology

Business Value

  • Project’s in line with the organisations objectives
  • Measuring impact on strategic objectives
  • Specific / measured benefits related to business value
  • Approved definition of business requirements
  • High involvement from key stakeholders in the requirements definition
  • Project acceptance criteria agreed by the key stakeholders

Supplier and Resource Management

  • Easy access to preferred supplier information
  • Knowledge of the supplier’s capabilities in relation to our project
  • Knowledge of who to contact in each supplier organisation to obtain resources
  • Comprehensive and effective processes for
  • Integrating supplier deliverables into our project
  • Inducting new personnel into our project team
  • Commissioning, configuring and testing product delivery
  • Management of all resources (internal / external) to performance standards
  • Development of role definitions and objectives for project team members
  • Ensuring that capacity of resources is in line with project requirements

Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • Which stakeholders carry the most responsibility and wield most influence.
  • Identification of the connections between high influencers
  • Identification of the connections with high influencers and senior personnel
  • What type of relationship the Project Manager enjoys with key stakeholders
  • The balance between the process and relationship aspects of the PM roles

The two-day workshop is designed to enable the Project Managers and their key team members to examine a live project against the critical success factors and develop a Project Success Plan for implementation back in the workplace.

An audit is then held six weeks later when each Project Manager is reviewed to determine progress and to provide further coaching to ensure maximum application of the Project Success Plan. This approach takes the Project Manager to a more effective level that traditional project management training, ensuring practical application in the workplace of the workshop and audit based learning. Project Success Planning provides a bridge to capitalise on traditional training and to convert this knowledge into profitable application in the workplace.

The Project Success Planning approach leads to a more experienced and motivated project team. Project Delivery Senior Management is able to measure their projects against overall success criteria rather than sometimes limited cost and timescale data.

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What Might the Return on Investment Look Like?

  • If your PMs continue to perform in the way they do, what business might you lose?
  • What business you not win?
  • What if one customer chooses not to continue to work with you?
  • What would extra job know-how, real purpose, trust, positive energy and commitment bring to your performance culture?
  • What would SMARTer objectives and fairer appraisals do for your PM’s?
  • How would PM’s respond if they felt valued, recognised and rewarded consistently?
  • How would PM’s begin to perform if they felt pride in their work and not continually overwhelmed?
  • What would a fully engaged workforce do for your performance?
  • Evidence suggests an engaged workforce is more productive than one unengaged.

Why use Rainmaker Coaching?

  • Our trainers , coaches and consultants are highly experienced in this type of training
  • They have many excellent references which we’ll be happy to share with you at the right stage in our dealings
  • The Rainmaker Coaching team of expert and highly experienced consultants and trainers have used these tools and techniques in real-life situations and are therefore able to provide expert and credible advice and mentoring in client situations.
  • Our proposition is unique:
    • This is not just a generic Project Manager soft skills programme.
    • It is a tailored programme which will focus on real business issues raised by you and the delegates.
    • It will also provide useful tools, frameworks and skills.
    • The workshops will utilise a specific case study approved by you
  • We use a highly-effective, tried and trusted, range of tools and processes which includes:
    • Coaching tools for PMs
    • Using the 4 levels of data and their uses in Projects
    • Using project charts and the big picture
    • Methods of persuasion and influence.
    • The effective use of words, behaviours and emotion
    • Transactional Analysis
    • Preparation, rehearsals and guidelines
  • Teams work with a team of business actors  who will simulate your real world issues
  • The use of a case study provides for a rapid and steep learning curve
  • It will give the PMs real confidence when they get back to the business.
  • Rainmaker Coaching can offer post training and coaching support packages and follow-up to turn theory into client specific practice.Short and long term KPI’s and rigourous and regular reviews

How do we deliver the Project Manager Soft Skills Training?

On your site  or  a nearby Off-site venue

All day, ½ day, Multi-day.

We can add Action Learning sets and Telephone coaching to any workshops

We will tailor the content and deliver it to your specific needs

Who would actually deliver the Project Manager Soft Skills Training program?

Experienced and Specialist Services and Services Management Trainers.

Here are two examples of the calibre and experience of our trainers…

Chris Stott: Project Manager Soft Skills Specialist

Chris spent most of his working life in senior positions with JCB… He’s has delivered Project Manager Soft skills training to people building Submarines and Helicopters as well as much simpler and shorter delivery time based projects.

He’s an expert in the use of simple IT systems that support projects.

Specifically he majors on Open Item management a key area of project management.

Mike Watson : Project Manager Soft Skills Training Specialist

Mike has worked with a number of blue chip companies, local authorities and other public sector organisations including AT&T, BSkyB, BT, HMRC, Essex County Council, and the London Development Agency.

Mike has a passionate belief that the level of project management capability in the UK can be significantly improved by the application of Project Success Planning

If the Project Manager Soft Skills Training program looks like something that would suit you…

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