Improving the Performance of your Virtual Team

Managing Virtual Teams Workshop

Training for Managers of Virtual Teams

Most organisations have, over the last ten years, re-engineered themselves to increase their focus on customer related activities and reduce operational costs.

Flattening management structures resulting in managers at all levels leading not only larger teams but virtual teams geographically dispersed across a country, EMEA and or Worldwide.

Companies have readily adapted to the major technology advancements which now enable their employees to work anywhere at any time.

However there has been an assumption that management skills to lead and motivate remote teams are the same as those needed within a co-located team.

This has left many managers struggling to adapt to the requirements of virtual work teams often leaving employees confused and isolated not knowing exactly what is expected of them.
Virtual teams are often are not operating at the optimum performance levels needed to survive in today’s business climate.

How do attendees of  the Managing Virtual Teams Workshop Benefit?

  • In Managing Virtual Teams Workshop you will explore the needs of virtual team remote employees and what impacts their performance.
  • You will identify the enhanced competences needed when leading Virtual Teams teams.
  • You will learn how to operate in a matrix environment, across country or divisional cultures and different working practices
  • You be shown how to communicate effectively with limited face to face time.
  • We’ll also show you how to build joint plans to ensure the virtual team delivers the required results.

How does your company benefit from managers attending Managing Virtual Teams?

By enhancing management skills, the virtual team’s purpose and goals can be set clearly.
This will strengthen the teamwork and increase motivation leading higher efficiency, effectiveness and stronger business results.

Increasing the virtual team’s productivity and ensuring common goals across a virtual team as well as a consistent customer experience the company will significantly increase its chances of winning additional business.

Who is Managing Virtual Teams Training for?

  • People who lead or are planning to lead remote teams.
  • Anyone who leads projects where the delivery team is located on different sites and even work for different companies.
  • Anyone who leads a services team where they spend most time on customer site.

Managing Remote Teams Agenda

The 1-day Workshop covers:

  • Understanding additional management skills required to lead a virtual  vs a local team.
  • Identify virtual models and how to work within them:
  • Covering matrix management, Country or cultural differences as well as skill focused or customer led models.
  • Define why your virtual team exists, your role in it and how it contributes to company goals.
  • Build joint across country/virtual team plans, establish trust and understand your leadership style
  • Sustaining personal effectiveness and productivity..
  • Learn how to effectively communicate, run effective briefings and meetings with limited face to face contact.
  • How to manage change; identify stars and problem children, recruiting and training.

This training provides extensive opportunities to tailor the skills and knowledge to specific situations the delegates find in their work environment and to practise the new skills in role-play exercises.

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