Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results™ Workshop

Trademark of Franklin Covey inc Leader Training.

  • Do you want to ‘Inspire Greatness’ within your team?
  • Are you looking for Leaders within your organisation?
    • Leaders that fully engage their teams?
    • Leaders who enjoy outstanding business results?
  • Rainmaker shows leaders how to unleash the contributions of teams
  • Shows them how to drive towards their organisation’s critical priorities
  • Creating an environment where individuals want to give their best efforts

Great leadership starts with these principles:

  • People are capable of greatness
  • People can make dramatic contributions
  • People offer their best when leaders live by the four imperatives of great leaders.

What is the Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results programme?

  • A 3 day programme
  • Which enables Leaders to fully understand the ‘Knowledge Worker’ age
  • It’s aligned to the 21st century workforce.

What does the Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results programme cover?

  • The programme covers four imperatives.
  • These are critical to gain a full picture of how to engage teams.
  • You gain a set of tools which can be taken and used straight away.
  • The ROI will be recognised immediately
  • Attendees will instantly use the information and concepts.
  • You will gain a team that is productive as they report on their weekly successes;
  • The programme creates energy, purpose and passion within your team

What are the benefits of the Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results programme?

  1. Leaders leave with their team’s purpose aligned to the critical business needs.
  2. A team is engaged in delivering the goals of your business.
  3. Sustained business results which could be:
    • Increased profitability
    • Increased revenue
    • Stakeholder satisfaction
    • Or your organisations purpose actualised

How do we deliver the Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results programme?

On your site or at a near to you off-site venue

If this programme looks like it will suit your needs

Call us on: 0333 444 1955

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What’s the business case for the Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results programme?

  • We have all experienced working for someone who is not a Great Leader
  • We know what it’s like to work for someone who knows how to lead
  • A leader who does not have the skills at their finger-tips is not as effective
  • Does a Great  Leader who communicates well get more out of a team?
  • How does a team perform versus just a group?
  • What does someone who motivates people get out of their team?
  • Training a Team Leader will pay for itself many times over
    • In Increased Profits or Revenues
    • Increased Employee Satisfaction, Loyalty and Motivation
    • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Who would actually deliver the Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results programme?

An Experienced Learning and Development Specialist

Sally Prescott: North West of England and London Based

  • Sally is a fully accredited FRANKLINCOVEY programme deliverer.
  • Sally is a Learning & Development Specialist and ICF Accredited Coach
  • 22 years of energetic experience working in the service industry
  • Sally loves enabling people to reach their goals.

Over a 14 year period at Forte Hotels Sally led teams to success for the benefit of both the hotel and individual employees at all levels. During this time, she was inspired to pursue a career in Human Resources and Learning & Development, and is a CIPD graduate.

She has also worked for The Savoy, Intercontinental and Jumeirah Hotels – making a significant difference over an 8 year period.  Sally has led hotel teams to be dedicated in delivering customer service excellence and profitable performance.


If the GREAT LEADERS, GREAT TEAMS, GREAT RESULTS program looks like it will meet your needs …

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