Finance Management for the Unaccountable

Finance for Reluctant Financial Managers

A one day workshop for new managers and other people wishing to learn more about the basics of finance.


  • To learn the vocabulary of finance necessary to be successful.
  • To learn new skills around managing the finances of a business
  • To learn (or review) the nuts and bolts of finance necessary to run a successful business.
  • To use our financial skills to make better management decisions.

Your chance to get finance completely clear in your mind – and to ask all the so called stupid questions you want.


Cash Flow

Theory – realisation that cash is king

Stock Management

Theory – the impact of stock management on the P&L.
Just in time ordering.

Discounting and Pricing Management

Theory – the impact of pricing on the P&L.
(e.g. offer 20% off to a customer ….. the impact on profit)


Theory – Communicating the importance of financial concerns to the rest of the team.

Profit and Loss Account

Theory – the nuts and bolts of the P&L, starting right from “why have accounts at all?”. Why cash does not equal profit. What’s breakeven.

Many Practical Exercises

  • Exercises around the P&L. Ensuring complete confidence with the structure of the document. Examines the business case for employing a new member of staff.
  • The specifics of a business financial system.
  • Include definitions of net v gross profit, direct costs and overheads, COGS, depreciation, capital and revenue expenses.
  • Exercises around “so what”
  • – i.e. the implications of changes to the P&L.

What do we want delegates to be saying after the Workshop?

  • “Phew – I understand the concepts
  • This is not as hard as I thought it would be
  • I am starting to realise that monitoring the P&L is the most important thing I will be doing
  • I am determined to keep control of the finances of my business
  • I am confident to make business decisions based on sound financial knowledge of my business
  • Increasing prices is not the first thing to do to increase profits, I could reduce stock holding
  • I need to be careful to keep cash in hand to play for things like VAT


What does Finance Management for the Unaccountable cost?

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