Delivering Excellent Customer Service

If your customer service is “adequate” then it will not be visible to customers.

Only “excellent” service is registered and gets noticed.

To achieve customer loyalty, means delivering excellent customer service consistently.

You know that dissatisfied customers don’t often tell you, but do tell friends, and may embellish into a horror story.

Research suggests that it costs five times as much to attract new customers than to obtain repeat business from an existing customer.

It also suggests that the bad service stories are shared with at least 12 other people
—a compelling reason why staff should learn the importance of quality
and how to handle demanding customers right first time and every time.

These days good products only get you an “invite to the party”.
It’s the relationships and service that differentiate you from competitors.

We work with organisations to help develop the knowledge and skills of the individuals.

We have them hold a mirror up to the organisation then have them define
the management attitudes and organisational processes required to support the front line.

The customer-facing staff are literally your shop window.

We tailor each workshop to your needs…

however here’s the overall structure of the workshop

Our 1.5 day workshop is intensive, practical and interactive.
The style is group coaching not lectures.
It will give the opportunity for all participants to experience and practise their skills with actors who play the part of different types of customer.

It comprises different stages including:-

* Pre-workshop questionnaire

* Small group work to understand job purpose

* Collective vision of exceptional customer service and what needs to change to achieve it

* Being Present and what it means

* Individual practice in real situations with actors and feedback

* Recommendations for change and personal action plans

How much will it cost?

Here’s our price list  Rainmaker On-Your-Site Workshops Price List Valid until Nov 2017
imply add up the number of people who you want to attend and  add 1/2 day to 1 day prices ..
If no actors required … That’s your price  If you do like the idea of actors in the workshop just  please ask

However email us and put Excellent Customer Service in your subject line.  Tell us how many people  you are looking to train and we will get a few price options to you within 1 working day of your email.

If the “Delivering Excellent Customer Service” workshop is of interest to you

then please call us on 0333 444 1955 from your mobile

                                        or 0845 652 1955 from your landline

or email

Send Rainmaker your contact details and a brief description of your environment and some of the isses. We’ll come back with a few ideas as to how we might help you.