Think you have Satisfied Customers?

Want to move it up a notch to Customer Delight?

This could be the Workshop to help you…

We do make the assumption in our approach to this workshop that people in their personal and business lives do experience a variety of levels of Customer Service and associate that level of service with particular brands and are drawn to transact more business with those brands that deliver a great experience rather than the others that don’t.

  • We use these experiences, good and bad, to make them think about the service that they offer their own customers.
  • We suggest that the audience for our initial one day workshop is made up of a mixed group
    • One that is representative of all or as many of the total team as possible
    • To enable people to explore the issues of providing a “joined up” , seamless service.
  • We send a short, easy to complete customer service questionnaire to all participants in advance
    • To get them thinking about Purpose, Vision and what fantastic Customer experiences would look and feel like.
  • The half day follow up session would be run to share and consolidate work done on the first day and reach common understanding across the teams.
  • Our approach is to make these sessions as practical as possible.
    • If it makes sense we can construct scenarios for you and have actors enact them for the team.
    • We can also ask selected customers to sit in front of web-cams and give the team specific feedback on what it’s like to be your customer.
  • We do believe that having as many people together at one time engenders a whole team spirit and enables people to learn from each other.
  • We will use a mix of inputs/best practice to stimulate thinking, exercises in small groups to practice skills and truly experience things from the customer perspective.
  • We will also use real life case studies of customer scenarios brought to us by the participants
  • We do recognise that in running this workshop that your way of doing business with your customers will be different to and rightly so to that of other companies inside and outside of your sector of expertise. That will mean that there will be an element of customisation required in all we deliver.

Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight Workshop Content

Initial Workshop

  • Starter: A few examples of brilliant customer service
    • Using a vignette from the Fish! Video to demonstrate an extreme but successful example
    • What makes the Virgin Experience different?
    • Getting your team generating their own examples inside and outside of your sector
  • What do we do here that makes us different?
    • (What’s our Purpose?)
  • Who do we do it for?
    • (Who are our customers?)
    • Using the Customer Wheel to identify all of our customers
    • What are their different needs?
  • Wouldn’t it be fantastic if …
    • Getting the team to create a Vision of what Customer Delight might be
      • Creating a picture/collage
      • Acting out a radio/TV interview
      • Creating a Newspaper Article with pictures
      • Doing a “before” and “After” Mime
    • All these exercise to illustrate how we would like things to be
  • What experiences do we want our customers to have?
    • What do we want them to say/feel about us?
    • What will they be telling others?)
  • What do we want to be at work?
    • What do we have to do and say to live our values and live up to our brand promise?
    • How will we create energy and fun and the “wow” factor?
    • How will we create a joined up experience for people?
  • How will we achieve it?
    • What are some practical skills for delivering fantastic customer service – listening, questioning, building rapport, and dealing with difficult people.
    • Identifying the processes and systems we need to support us

Follow-up Workshop ½ Day

  • Sharing and Consolidating our work from Workshop One
    • Getting the teams to agree a common purpose, vision and set of behaviours to deliver fantastic customer experiences.
    • At the end of this session a Customer Charter will be produced.
    • This will be submitted for ratification and agreement by Senior Company Managers / Directors
  • Putting it into Action
    • Working in groups to practice dealing with your worst fears. These to be identified by participants themselves at the end of the first day.
    • If we jointly agree that it makes sense we will use actors to role play characters and situations identified
  • Review and Close by a Director/Senior Manager of your company

Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight Workshop – Case Studies


The company suspected that it had a positioning in the market of “Difficult to do business with”.

They asked Rainmaker to construct and execute a survey of the 20% of their clients that delivered 80% of their revenue to check-out that premise

The questionnaire focused our attention onto the back office processes that did not live up to the customers’ expectations for speed or accuracy.

We ran a series of workshops focused on both process and behaviours for the Croydon based Printing and Publishing company.

They experienced a 30% growth in business in the subsidiary where we ran the workshops.


Our consultants delivered workshops to a 40 person team of assistants who interact with customers in the Swindon based “Self-Build” Industry representative.

The Directors achieved their goal and integrated the processes and behaviors into the “Way we do things” and report increased sales and interest from their visitors to the exhibition warehouse.

Who have we facilitated workshops for?

  • Strategic Planning workshops for Microsoft Services in the UK.
    • First workshop had 32 people in it, the next one 45 and the next 64 people
    • All rated as hugely successful by the teams.
  • High impact scenario workshops for BP ( Castrol division)
  • A weekend based strategy planning workshop for a fast growing IT Services business NETSTAR
  • A European team member workshop for a new Director in Kuoni
  • An Operations team strategy and performance improvement workshop for Concrete an IT Platform company
  • Strategic Planning for ALL of the people in a small software company. Caresys
  • Strategic Planning for VISA Europe’s Central European Team
  • Workshops for the managers in a fast growing Homecare company  Abicare
  • Process Improvement Workshops for a Printing company CPI BOOKS
  • Workshop and Business Planning with 15 Subsidiary M.D.s for VINCI ENERGIES
    • Second Series with subsets of VINCI businesses

Where have we facilitated workshops?

  • London and Thames Valley
  • Essex and Norfolk
  • West Midlands
  • South West of England
  • Germany / France / Gibraltar

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