For people in business who use written words to communicate.

What is the Business Writing Skills Training Programme?

The programme has been designed to improve the business writing skills of teams inside companies and organisations.

These teams are often in a position to use powerful written communication skills e.g.

  • When communicating important messages inside the company
  • When writing communications aimed at external audiences.
    E.g. Press, Analysts, Customers, Prospects, Suppliers and Partners
  • When working with sales and marketing teams to create marketing or sales collateral
    or proof points at each stage of the buying and selling process

In our one day programme we cover each aspect of the art and science of business written communications.

What are the Aims of the 1 day Writing Skills Workshop?

  • Re-vitalise individual responsibility for powerful and accurate written communications.
  • Establish clear thinking at the centre of clear writing.
  • Learn how to begin with a precise brief
  • How to manage stakeholder expectations through to the deliverables.
  • Work with methods to improve structure and flow
  • How to increase the speed of writing.
  • Identify when and how to edit copy.
  • Develop team approach to quality control and constructive feedback.
  • Understand consistent brand image across all media –
    • from ads and posters to direct mail, brochures, newsletters
    • to press releases and web-based copy.
  • Commit to individual action.
  • Have fun learning together.

What might a typical agenda look like for the one day workshop?

Our usual one day workshop agenda contains the following:

  • Starting with the mindset for successful writing
  • Establishing a clear brief
  • Managing the stakeholders
  • Tracking the writing from plan to polished product
  • Developing the compelling argument
  • Working with constraints
  • Tackling „flabby‟ copy
  • Quality control steps
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Integrating campaigns to stay on message
  • Personal action planning

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What are the benefits of this programme?

By improving your written communications to clients, employees, suppliers, prospects, partners and stakeholders, you can deliver many benefits back to your organisation:

Potential revenue increases

  • You increase the chance of clients returning to buy your products and services
  • This in turn will increase your revenues

Cost per transaction savings

  • By communicating more powerfully and succinctly to your customers and prospects
    you are showing them that you are confident and keen to develop a closer relationship with them.
    This of course, means that they are more likely to buy and probably buy again.


  • Increasing customer’s loyalty to you and your brand, usually means they need less incentives to buy from you.
    This in turn increases your margins and it also usually reduces your cost of selling

Employee productivity

  • By communicating often and clearly you can engage your employees in your busines to develop the right products and services at the right time.
  • Satisfied and engaged employees deliver great service to your customers.

Customer satisfaction

  • Clients who are listened to and who develop a better relationship with their supplier are more likely to recommend their supplier to other prospects.
  •  Satisfied clients are more likely to buy again

Who will be running the training?

Kate Burton Kate Burton, PCC, FRSA

Kate’s business experience lies in enabling people to communicate clearly and with confidence – which in turn delivers results in corporate performance.
Her career began in educational research and publishing before shifting to high-technology marketing roles and change communication, including more than 15 years of corporate and employee communications consultancy to Hewlett-Packard.

Kate’s latest book on personal resilience for executives: „Live Life, Love Work‟ was published by Capstone Books in June 2010.

She is the best selling author of: “Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Dummies” the top selling book on NLP and the NLP Workbook. “Building Self-Confidence for Dummies” was launched in Jan 2006. Her latest is the “Dummies guide to Coaching with NLP”.

Clients and Qualifications:

  • She works with individuals and teams in organisations as diverse as KPMG, PwC, GSK, Waitrose, Microsoft, University of Liverpool, Bournemouth University, CfBT, TNT Post, Swiss Re, the Judicial Appointments Commission, Home Office and the Treasury.
  • She holds a BA Sociology degree from Exeter University, NLP Master Practitioner and European Coach, Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, membership of the Association for Coaching, ANLP and Fellow of the RSA.

What people say about their work with Kate

“Working with Kate is a true inspiration. It is such a joy to work with someone who motivates you, celebrates your successes, makes you look at your opportunities as well as your challenges. So many doors have opened since I’ve been working with Kate, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months!”
Rachel McGuinness, Business Owner

How much will the Impactful Writing Workshop cost?

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