Performance Evaluation Training, Performance Appraisal Training,
Appraisal Skills for Managers , Employee Evaluation Training
(And ninety minute tailored briefings on Employee Responsibilities at Appraisal time)

1-day Appraisal Skills Training Course

– Training Managers to Conduct Appraisals

We think that Appraisals offer great opportunities to:

  • Give (and get) constructive feedback
  • Align the organisation’s objectives and the employees
  • Reflect on what has gone well…and what could be better
  • Motivate team members
  • Set objectives
  • Plan future development

Our 1-day Appraisal Skills Workshop for your Managers will be tailored and show them how to accomplish all of the above in your environment. Our 1/2 day workshop will be tailored to cover your chosen subset of the above. Our ninety minute briefings are aimed at getting employees to play their part in Appraisals too.

Our 1-Day Appraisals Skills Training Course for Managers aims for “No Surprises” at appraisal time.

The Rainmaker Appraisal Skills Training Course has managers look at the whole Performance Management system that surround the appraisal.
It will also train managers and directors in the skills to conduct the actual performance appraisal and review itself.

  • We show you how to conduct appraisals even those tricky ones too! …
  • You know… The ones that you occasionally inherit from previous managers!

What topics do we cover in our Appraisal Skills Training Course?

  • How the performance appraisal cycle should work
  • The role and contribution of Line Managers
  • Appraisals Skills for Managers : Questions / Listening / Giving feedback
  • The role & contribution of  Employees
  • Making it easy and empowering for both parties
  • How SMARTer objective setting gives freedom in a framework, energy and engagement
  • How Appraisals and development planning contribute to success
  • Creating a performance culture where creativity and honesty are important

We prefer to use your own documentation in the workshop , however,
if you want us to…Here’s an example of the documents we might use

Rainmaker Logo Appraisal Guidelines for Managers

Rainmaker Logo Appraisal Guidelines for Employees

What does a 1-day Appraisals Skills Workshop On-Your-Site cost?


Plus in our Appraisal Training course we practice face to face skills

  • Active listening and questioning
  • Giving performance feedback
  • Building powerful action plans
  • Harmonising the needs of the business with employees
  • Building employee ownership of the outcomes
  • Handling tricky appraisals
  • Having Difficult Appraisal Conversations
    • e.g. major performance gaps
    • objections to the plans
    • emotional outbursts
    • irritation and anger
    • non-acceptance of the performance rating
  • Other appraisal skill topics that the participants raise on the day

How do we deliver the Appraisals Training Course?satisfaction-guaranteed-web

  • We usually deliver this a 1- day workshop on your site
  • Sometimes clients choose a close-to-you Off-site venue
  • For experienced managers it can be a 1/2 day refresher workshop
  • Sometimes it’s best to mix new managers and experienced managers
  • Clients have had us deliver 2 hr briefings to employees to explain their responsibility too
  • In short we’ll tailor all of our workshops to your needs
  • We’ll also look at your systems and paperwork if you need us to.

How much does the Appraisal Training typically cost?

Grab the Price list on the line below for prices on all variants of our workshops

Rainmaker On-Your-Site Workshops Price List Valid until Nov 2017

Can I get more details to share with my team?

Click here for the Rainmaker Appraiser Skills Workshops Datasheet

If the Appraisal Training Course looks like something that would suit you…

What should you do now?

Call us on: 0333 444 1955 from your mobile or 0845 652 1955 from your landline

Email us at: and one of our friendly consultants will call or email back to you within one working day. We promise..

What’s the business case for an appraisals training course?

  • What’s the cost of a demotivated person in your organisation?
  • Demotivation will increase the chance of the person leaving.
  • What are your recruitment costs for a replacement for that person?
    • CIPD estimates between £15k to £25k per person
  • Improve your managers by training and you’ll stop this happening
  • What about the time and money invested in the demotivated person?
  • What about the disruption to the team?
  • What about the time of the manager dealing with  a demotivated person?
  • The cost of the Rainmaker Appraisals Training course will be below the cost of losing 1 demotivated employee

Clients who asked for Appraisals Skills training courses

  • “Just a quick note to thank you for the Performance Management Appraisals training event yesterday.
    I felt that the training really met our needs and was pretty dynamic as the day progressed.
    Plenty of food for thought for us and certainly a great deal of developmental work for us to be getting on with.
    Thanks once again”
    Jason O’Brien, Monmouthshire and Torfaen Youth Offending Service Manager  Mamhilad, Torfaen
  • CommSoft Essex:
    A small, rapidly expanding software company in Essex asked to run a workshop for their new managers
    They later asked us to run 2 hour long Appraisal briefings for their employees
    This ensured both parties new their responsiblities at Appraisals
  • Newman & Spurr Consultancy Ltd :
    A fast growing flight simulation training and consulting company in Camberley Surrey
    They asked us to run a 1/2 day Appraisals Skills Training refresher for experienced managers on their site
  • Dalcour Maclaren: a fast growing company of surveyors in Bicester, Oxford
    A Team including owners, directors and new managers from
    We also assisted the Internal HR Consultant with her CIPD projects and revamped their paperwork too!
  • Aroq : A Media based company in Redditch , West Midlands
    They wanted to introduce Appraisals to 2 Groups of Managers
    We also ran  briefing session for their employees.
  • Time-Out!
    A VC funded Magazine company: A workshop in their London Office for 10 managers
    They wanted to improve employee engagement and alignment to their business objectives.
  • Keating Chambers:
    A Law Practice based in Central London who wanted only 2 Managers to attend the workshop
    They wanted a combination of Refresher Workshop and Paperwork / System review .
    A cost effective solution for them
  • Schools who have asked us to run this workshop

    • King Edward School in Birmingham
    • Barton Hill School in Bristol
    • John Warner Academy in Essex
    • St Hilary , Godalming, Surrey 
  • Healthcare Focused Organisations who have asked us to run this workshop
    • Willows Ltd  , a Children’s Home in Somerset  
    • MPP Locums (Doctors and Nurses suppliers)  London 
    • Ripplez , A Derby based community nursing social enterprise

Who would actually deliver the appraisal training to your managers?

Kevin Howes: Performance Management and Appraisals Trainer

Kevin has more than 25 years delivering training in blue-chip companies and SMEs.

He’s delivered to the Finance, IT, Telecom, Auto, Law, Construction and Pharma sectors.

His clients tell him they like his informal, practical, straight-talking approach.

Kevin has led  Appraisals skills training workshops in companies like
AVK,  Time-Out , TMP Worldwide, Barton Primary School ,

Dalcour Maclaren, Commsoft, NSC, Keating Chambers

RWM Food Group and Zurich Financial Services.

If the Appraisal Training Course looks like something that would suit you…

What should you do now?

Call us on: 0333 444 1955 from your mobile or 0845 652 1955 from your landline

Email us at: and one of our friendly consultants will call you or email back to you within ONE WORKING DAY . We promise.

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