Double the growth rate of your accounts

using our Major Account Management Training

Who is this for ?

Account managers looking to develop their relationships with, and secure more business from, their major accounts.

What are the issues?

Most sales managers and account managers understand Pareto’s Law.
That 80% of your business will come from 20% of your accounts.
They are also painfully aware of the difficulties and costs involved in opening up new accounts.
Yet it is relatively few organisations, when they have spent considerable time, effort and money in establishing an early success with a customer, who then proactively develop the business relationship.

Moving from a reactive to a proactive sales approach is a key challenge for many organisations today as they seek to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, develop deeper long term relationships with major accounts, to lower the overall cost of sales, improve margins and grow profitable, sustainable business.

The Account Development Planning Workshop is designed to give the participants the knowledge and tools required to successfully plan for and implement these relationships.

Participants will be introduced to the Account Development Planning Methodology, Process and Tools.

Each account team will then develop an account development plan for one or more of their key major accounts during the course of the program to then implement over the next few months.

How do the attendees benefit?

Quite simply the implementation of effective account development planning puts ‘you in control of your business’ rather than ‘your business being in control of you’!

For many people ‘account management’ means ‘looking after’ or ‘farming’ the relationship with an existing customer, and will usually be measured in terms of on-going revenue, gross margin and customer satisfaction. In our terms this is ‘account servicing’ and while it’s a valuable function, does not by itself constitute proactive account management.

Proactive account management means you being responsible for the total relationship between your organisation and another, and in particular for managing the development of the relationship to meet specific business goals and objectives that have been set.

How does your company benefit?

The implementation of effective account development planning gives your company greater visibility of current and future business opportunities and allows more informed decisions over the allocation of scarce and costly resources.

Major Account Management Training Overview

We will cover:

  • An introduction to the Account Development Planning Methodology, Process and Tool.
  • The development of an account development plan for a major account by each participant
  • We’ll look at each part of the plan in turn, and then apply it to the particular customer. The plan is developed and refined as the day progresses, to finish with a good first plan.
  • Coaching and feedback on the plan by the course leaders.
  • Feedback on the plan by the other course participants.

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Who delivers it?

One of the people in our Sales Trainers and Coaches Team

How much does it cost?

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