Our training focuses on helping the individual be better versions of themselves and includes leadership, understanding self and emotional capability, communication and change management.

Leadership and Management Development

Based on the 30 years of research of the Leadership Challenge we can increase the leadership potential of anyone, at any level, and in any organisation. Our programme based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership is adaptable and easy to implement.

  • Five Key Leadership Practices that every successful leader uses
  • 360 Diagnostic (The Leadership Practice Inventory) for insight into current leadership maturity within your team or organisation
  • Create an organisation of engaged employees loyal to themselves, their work and your organisation
  • Proven learning model around understanding self, my team, my customer and my environment
  • A full blended solution for development
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Understanding Self and Others for Effective Performance Through Relationships

We help people improve their performance through relationships using the Strength Deployment Inventory and the CoreStrengths 2.0 framework

  • SDI provides an accurate snapshot of who they are, their motivations and drivers of behaviour
  • SDI offers insight into the unique ways they value different strengths and how they interpret the actions of others.
  • SDI creates a common language for understanding and discussing motives and relationships by using easy to remember illustrations, terms, and colours.
  • Enable teams to depersonalise and effectively deal with conflict
  • Help individuals and teams develop the awareness and skills they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships
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Team Leader Training

Teams (project or functional) are the cornerstone of any organisation. Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a team to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Being able to lead a team is a crucial skill and mindset and we can offer a range of developmental programmes that assists the Team Leader, in terms of skills and mindset to achieve their potential.

  • We can undertake a 360 degree diagnostic to develop a base-line for the develoment programme
  • Develop understanding of what makes a team successful (skills, trust and effective relationships)
  • Define the role of the Team Leader in creating, shaping and leading a high performance team
  • Explore how to manage different types of teams including geographically dispersed, cross-functional, part time and virtual
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Communication Skills

All aspects of communication to deliver change and improve performance can be provided. Our programme can cover all aspects of communication through verbal, written, presentations and crucially non-verbal behaviours. We like to include our team of business actors who offer role play, forum and the ability for delegates to practice.

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different styles of communication
  • Explore both inter-personal and intra-personal communication and how they interact
  • Develop the use of verbal and non-verbal language, listening and questioning skills
  • Recognize the emotions and feelings generated during communication and how to use them for positive results
  • Understand all aspects of influencing and persuading to motivate change
  • Effective performance conversations that focus on status and the key challenges and opportunities going forward
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Change Management

Change is the one constant in all organisations. We believe that change starts with the individual and from within. We can offer a full range of interventions to support change

  • Focus on helping individuals and teams implement change successfully
  • Proven change framework that takes people through the change life-cycle
  • Assisting individuals to recognise and understand their thoughts and feelings
  • Developing informal and formal learning as a route to continuous improvement
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Project Management

Project managers need a unique set of skills and capabilities to help them engage with numerous stakeholders, objectives and capabilities. Our Leading Projects programme helps develop both the ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ game that Project Managers require to be successful.

  • Optional pre-programme audit to establish a base-line performance
  • Understanding the purpose and role of a Project Manager/Leader
  • How to build effective relationships within the team and outside the team
  • Managing conflicting and unclear requirements and goals
  • Identifying and developing project capability (incuding the supply chain)
  • Creating consistency in decision making (best for project) and managing the opportunities and threats
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Customer Excellence

People only remember ‘excellent’ customer service (the total effort of an organisation). Our programmes from Foundation Level to Master Practitioner focus on how individuals within organisations can make the difference.

  • Understanding what is excellent customer service in your industry or sector
  • Understand who is your customer and how to manage and deliver on their expectations
  • Creating and sustaining moments of truth
  • Creating a culture of service excellence
  • Business Development from strategy through to effective account management and sales growth
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