Coaching & Mentoring

Effective managers and leaders create high performing teams and organisations and our experienced team can provide solutions to all types of coaching assignments. We can offer all types of coaching including Performance, Career, First 100 Day Support, Sales, Project and Operational.

We can deliver a coaching assignment that fits into your schedule, face to face, phone or web based.

Coaching & Mentoring

  • We always start by getting to know you, establishing ground rules and objectives and ensuring the right coach / coachee fit
  • We explore your ‘as-is’ situation, understanding what you have tried already
  • We will discuss, explore and agree your vision of what and how your future might be
  • We develop fresh options and help you build a priorities plan
  • We will identify any best practices / principles that might help and discuss how they might help you
  • We will help you adapt to change and test progress

Mentoring provides the right experience and guidance to help you make the right decisions about your future

We have an experienced team who have all been line managers. The experience and knowledge across a wide range of sectors and organisations means that we can almost always find a fit for you.

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