Rainmaking Training : Preparing for the initial meeting

Here are my 6 Steps to have a Great First Appointment with a new Prospect:

We do cover this and other topics on our sales training and Rainmaking Training workshops

Your first step is to establish with your prospect that this is what we call an “All Ears” meeting.
In that we will be “All Ears” whist you tell us about , you , your business and your issues.

1. This is a fact finding trip
Explain that you are on a fact finding mission with the prospect.
Yes, you have a service that may improve their business.
However you need to learn more about them and their business in order to know for sure and to make any suggestions or recommendations.

2. Agree an outcome for the meeting with them …
You should have sent an email with an outline agenda to them to cement the meeting in their diary.
Go through that quickly with them if you did.
If not, then agree early on what you want to cover with the prospect and ideally how long it will take.
Say something like “I think this meeting wil take about 45 minutes of your time. Is that ok?
How about we jointly conclude at the end of the meeting whether it’s worth taking a next step together or not?”

3.Get down to business quickly.
Please do talk about the weather and traffic and do accept a drink if it’s offered.
Some small talk can develop a little rapport and start to develop a relationship with the prospect and putting them at ease.
However do keep it to a minimum.
Respect their time and yours.

4.Don’t talk about you and your solution too soon.
(See also the blog on the trap door question)
The purpose of this meeting is to learn more about your prospect’s business.
Then you can determine the best solution for them and if it’s what you do at all.

5. Prepare your questions:
The questions you ask need to yield the answers you need. Poor questions will not do that.
With good questions you can and will control the meeting and get your prospect talking and you listening.
You can use thought provoking questions to challenge the thinking of your prospects.
You can also demonstrate by good questions that you have knowledge and interest in their business.
Over time write down the questions that work for you and build a library for yourself that you refer to before key appointments.

6. Have a conversation:
Having a clear goal and outcome for the meeting is great…
However please have a conversation with a fellow human being.
Don’t make it an interrogation of a robot.
Srike a balance between asking questions and putting your prospect at ease.
Use a conversational tone.

If you can do these 6 steps I think you will have a great first sales appointment

You might also like our appointment Planning guide . It’s FREE to download Simple Rainmaker meeting Planner
ry it out the next time you meet a new prospect. See if it helps

Let us know what you think of it. How do you plan your initial meetings. info@rainmaker-caching.co.uk

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