Business Development Training : ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME

Ever got yourself into the mindset where you ASSUME that the prospect should buy what you’re selling?

Ever found that making that assumption comes back to bite you?

Yes me too…

Because of our biased view we have moved from
“Based on what I know, if I were in their place I would buy”
“Therefore, they should buy.”

Two problems here:
1.”What I know” cannot ever be what the prospect knows
2.I can never be the person and know all they know, so any conclusions I make are guesses at best

Often we do this unconsciously and sometimes even with the best of intentions.
If we do not co-create our solutions, by definition, we cannot represent the buyer’s view;

Assuming causes us to begin presenting our service/solution.
We try to get them to agree that we’re right and that they should buy.
Now it’s almost impossible for us to explore what the prospect would welcome discussing with us.
We’ve effectively moved passed that phase in the selling buying process and it’s difficult to go back.
Because whatever we say , the buyer thinks we’ve shown our hand and now want to sell them whatever we said.

Instead, we should always start our business development meeting aiming to investigate with an open mind to learn whether or not the prospect’s circumstances, challenges have sufficient impact to require him to buy any solution, much less our own.
If there’s insufficient need to take action at all, there’s no chance of getting them to make any decision.
And that means there’s no need to take a specific action such as hiring you.

Don’t sell TO that prospect;
Co create a solution (with you at the centre of it) …
Sell WITH them.
And sometimes be prepared to work through a scenario with a client which leads to them not hiring you.
That will do loads for your credibility and they will come back to you when the chance arrives.
However you’ll have to go find another short term prospect.

You’ll find that his help will make all the difference in the world in your rate of success.

Remember: ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME  so don’t do it!