Workshop Facilitator : Questions for you to get a NEW team working together

If you really want to be a Workshop Facilitator and
help the process of Team FORMING… then try this.

Ask every individual on the team to answer the following series of questions.

Then try to facilitate a common team view from the answers.

The test of completion is that every member of the team should be able to answer the questions as they apply to them at the end of the workshop

  1. Do we have a clear vision of what this team should achieve
    1. Short term
    2. Medium term
    3. Long term)
  2. What is my role
  3. What am I supposed to be doing?
  4. What is my goal?
  5. Who are the team’s main suppliers? (internal or eternal)
  6. Who are the team’s major customers? (internal or eternal)
  7. Who are my customers and what do they want and need of me or the team?
  8. Are processes for which the team is responsible documented and well-understood?
  9. What are the teams values?
  10. Are they well aligned with my values?
  11. Do we have the right people on the team to achieve our goals?
  12. Do we the people have the skills and knowledge to achieve our goals?
  13. Are team members multi-skilled and capable of covering for one another?
  14. Are communication channels at all levels open and well-designed?
  15. Do team members know how to ask for help when needed?
  16. What will I do if obstacles beyond my control arise
  17. Do team members listen well (to the team leader and each other)?
  18. Who determines my work/tasks priorities and how will this be done?
  19. What are the measurement systems for our goals, progress and performance?
  20. Who will help me when I need it (and how)?
  21. What happens when my efforts on this team are unsuccessful
  22. What happens if I disagree with major decisions on this team?
  23. Are team reward and recognition system well designed and executed?
  24. What will happen when I succeed at a task or project (or exceed expectations)?
  25. What are the rewards or recognition for my best efforts (and are these fair)?
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