Interviewer Skills Training: What does great look like : Final 4 ideas

Everyone agrees hiring the right people is so important…

Why then do we find managers happy to “Shoot from the Lip”.
Many rock up and start asking questions. Different questions at random.
Lots have never been trained on how to interview.
(Our Interviewer skills Training workshop might help?)
They relegate themselves to being poor or at best mediocre interviewers.
Perhaps if they were trained they may hire better people
And hey don’t better people build better businesses?

Our view is that if you want to find the best employees you must be the best interviewer you can be.

Here are our final few ideas as to what being the best Interviewer you can be might look like

7. You do not talk too much.

Monologues delivered by the interviewer will not be interrupted.
After all you are in control and you’ve made it easy for the interviewee to stay silent.
Great if all you need is a good listener.
Time yourself next time you interview.
The measures should say You Talk 10% Candidate Talks 90%.
Only you need to know the real answer and act on it. ?

8. You describe the next steps.

Don’t make the candidate ask about the next steps.
Explain the rest of the process.
Explain what you will do, and when you plan to do it.
And then actually do it.

9. You have a checklist and a standard to hit but it’s a guide

Yes you need to have a checklist and an agreed standard for each competency you are looking for …
But don’t be fooled by having everything marked as “good”…
Someone with no negatives is NOT a Great candidate.
You are hiring a candidate who will excel in meeting their real business need.
Demand excellence. Look for superlatives.
Don’t settle for just above average because it won’t be.

10. You  provide closure to each and everycandidate.

If you don’t provide closure, candidates won’t complain to you… but they will complain about you.
Remember the stats about everyone who has a bad experience tells 11 people and a good experience only 5.
You and your process needs to describe next steps, follow through on those steps.
Contact candidates if and when the process gets delayed, and eventually provide closure to each and every candidate.
Not only does that make great business sense, it’s the right thing to do.

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