Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are often asked about how we work.  If your question isn’t answered here please contact us to speak to us directly and we will endeavour to answer your question as soon as we can.


How much will it cost?

Rainmaker Coaching provides a variety of services so it does depend on what your needs are. At Rainmaker Coaching our philosophy is to work with you to identify your specific needs and then design for you in a way that will maximise the benefit and minimise the cost to you.


Will I or my staff need to travel?

We will come to you in the first instance so we can understand your needs and we are happy to have the initial meeting by phone if you would prefer. We can deliver workshops at your site. We can also help to minimise time away from the office by using webinars, and we can deliver training face to face or using our tried and tested e-learning capability. Basically, we can tailor the delivery to meet your needs.


Which organisations have you provided services to?

We have worked with a number of major organisations both in the UK and Internationally. We work in most sectors with a strength in finance, sales, consumers goods, IT. Take a look at our Clients page to see who we have worked with. We have access to facilitators across many sectors who can bring specific knowledge and expertise if required.


How are you different from other organisations that offer the same services?

At Rainmaker Coaching we are passionate about working with our clients to identify their needs and to design specifically to meet those needs. We do not have ‘off the shelf ‘ services that we just roll out to everyone. We know that sometimes your needs are ‘urgent’ and we are able to be very responsive.

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