Business & Executive Coaching

  • More effective executives can in turn contribute more to your business
  • Our Business Coaching improves their effectiveness
  • Better executives in turn develop great people
  • Great people grow great businesses
  • Let us help you to develop your business

Whether you call it Executive Coaching or Business Coaching

if this is what you need …

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We can help you to reconnect with your focus, confidence, energy and creativity.

How does Rainmaker’s Business Executive Coaching help you?

  • It clarifies goals and sharpens focus
  • It helps you to set better goals & reach them faster
  • With a Business Coach as a sounding board you make better decisions
  • You may need an Executive coach to build your confidence in the face of adversity
  • They can improve internal and external business relationships
  • In short they help you to be the best that you can be

What packages of services do we offer?

We offer Easy to budget, Fixed Price-Agreed Deliverables Packagessatisfaction-guaranteed-web
Flexible Delivery Packages with Guaranteed Results
All come with our satisfaction guarantee or your money back promise
We will deliver a return on investment for on your time
We also guarantee to deliver a return on investment to your company

Who will coach your executives?

Experienced and Specialist Business Coaches. Examples of the calibre and experience of our coaches…

What kind of Executive Coaching do we offer?

Due to the depth of business experience we have on our team …
We can Coach you….

  • Where we help you to find your own answers
  • By using our listening and questioning skills
  • We’ll add structure and clarity to your issues

We’ll deliver it to you Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Anyhow
We will fit in to your busy schedule.
You can choose Face to face and or Phone and Web based
On-site Off-site


We can “Mentor you on a business-related topic”
This where we use our experience and add content
in a specific area of business or skills.
This is more of a specific personal learning experience.
It’s considered a useful add-on by many of our clients.

If this Business Executive Coaching program looks like something that would suit you…

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