How about developing your Sales Teams by using our Mentors?

If you need to improve your company’s sales performance, then we have the right service for you.

How does Sales Mentoring help?

  • If your Sales people need an experienced sales manager to help
    One who has successfully managed Sales at the highest level
  • Someone who understands the pressures of Sales Management
  • Someone familiar with Indirect Channels as well as Direct selling
  • Our Sales Mentors will help you to solve problems
  • Sales Mentoring also improves external business relationships

In short it helps your Sales People to be the best that they can be.

What topics will we cover in our Sales Mentoring?

  • Managing the Sales Funnel
  • Progressing sales opportunities to closure
  • Creating a Sales Forecast / Reviewing prospects in the sales funnel
  • Where as a sales person are you spending your time?
  • Improving Prospect generation
  • Building a Compelling business case for your prospect to buy and buy now
  • Presenting and Proposal Writing

How do we deliver the Sales Mentoring?

We’re happy to deliver it Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Anyhow

  • We will fit in to your busy schedule.
  • You choose Face to face (more intense)
  • Or you can go for phone and web based (Lower cost more flexible option)

Who would actually deliver the Sales Mentoring?

Experienced and Specialist Sales Mentoring Deliverers

If our Sales Mentoring program looks like something that would suit you…

What should you do now?

Call us now on: 0333 444 1955

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  • We will come to you for an “All Ears” meeting. Asking questions and listening
  • We’ll get an understanding and write up our initial recommendations
  • You can go ahead with our recommendations or use them with others
  • Our promise is that you’ll have 2 useful and free suggestions from us

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