Introducing a coaching and people development process

to improve the productivity and capability of your Project Managers

  • How can your Project Managers use soft skills to avoid project failure?
  • How can you optimise your chances of delivering successful projects?

Rainmaker consultants, through their experiences at the sharp-end have worked with numerous project implementations, project audits and project rescues.

  • They understand the critical success factors that influence project outcomes.
  • We understand that methodologies like PRINCE2 are important.
  • This isn’t Prince2. You arrive with or without that.
  • Using methods with the latest PM technologies does not guarantee success
  • ROI for traditional “Tell ’em” training usually low
  • Collaborating with stakeholders and project team members is a vital component
  • It  is in our experience often not managed effectively.

So what is Project Success Planning?

Project Success Planning (PSP) is a collaborative coaching process that:

  • Engages the project team and key stakeholders
  • Provides more insight and increases the chance of success
  • Supports and complements existing tools and methods
  • Provides reinforcement to good practices
  • Increases the ROI on any earlier training investment
  • Focuses on leading performance indicators
  • Avoids pitfalls and keeps projects on track
  • Provides a coaching mechanism for Project Delivery Management
  • Ensuring consistent and relevant reviews
  • Develops more capable and motivated Project Managers

How do we deliver the Project Success Planning?

Project Success Planning (PSP) is delivered via a series of workshops:

We start with a two day event with project teams:

  • We focus with them on their live projects.
  • Rainmaker consultants teach them how to produce Project Success Plans

A subsequent one day event with the Project Managers Coaching them.

  • We review progress against the Project Success Plans

A one day Project Manager Coaching workshop for Delivery Managers and Programme Managers

  • We coach them on how to manage their Project Managers by using PSP
  • This ensures that success continues after we leave

We will work with you to tailor our content and deliver it to your specific needs

If it sounds like Project Manager Coaching is something you’d find useful…

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What’s the business case for Project Manager Coaching and training?

What are your answers to the following questions?

  • What is the cost of a project manager not up to speed in your organisation?
  • What does a poorly managed project do to your reputation?
  • What does a poorly managed project do to your chance of repeat business?
  • Do you have people on your team who are successful project managers?
  • If you improved the skills of the team to that level…
  • What would that be worth?

You already know that training for project managers will pay for itself quickly

What are the benefits of Project Success Planning?

  • Significantly improves the capability of your Project Managers and Project Teams
  • The teams in turn achieve a higher project success rate
  • To time, budget and customer expectations
  • Increases the productivity of project resources
  • Provides a repeatable process useable at any time in a project life cycle
  • Provides Service Delivery Managers and Programme Managers with a consistent and focused means of reviewing project performance beyond the traditional reporting formats

What are the people who deliver Project Success Planning?

People who:

  • Have a wealth of relevant Project Management experience to bring to your situation
  • Who quickly grasp your needs and the nature of your business
  • Are experienced corporate managers in most cases
  • People who know that life is for living and enjoying the journey

Who actually delivers Project Manager Coaching and Project Success Planning?

It depends and we’ll always check for ‘chemistry’ between you and our coaches.

An example of one of our coaches is:

Mike Watson

mike-watson-100x150Mike is a highly successful and experienced Project Manager

Mike has worked with a number of blue chip companies, local authorities and other public sector organisations including AT&T, BSkyB, BT, HMRC, Essex County Council, and the London Development Agency.

Mike has a passionate belief that the level of project management capability in the UK can be significantly improved by the application of Project Manager Coaching and Project Success Planning.

How about an example of someone we’ve delivered Project Manager Coaching for?

One recent client used us to implement Project Manager Coaching and Project Success Planning into their Service Delivery organisation. 41 people (including 11 Project managers) in  11 key projects
Everyone was coached in the application of PSP over a 6 month period

Our Client was very satisfied with their results:

  • All of their Project Managers now focus on factors that make a difference
  • Each Project Manager’s capability has improved
  • Particularly Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • Project Managers focus on the importance of providing project outcomes
  • Ones with clear links & benefit to organisations business objectives
  • Project Management productivity has increased substantially
  • Significantly more projects are completed on time

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