Sometimes experienced managers need a little skills refresher

  • They may have been on Management Development programmes
  • They may want help in specific areas of their roles
  • Our “Manager coaching”  could be the way to help.
  • We deliver focused, tailored development to the specific needs of the manager

How can Manager Coaching help?

  • If you’re looking to refresh and revitalise people management skills
  • It helps the candidates set better, clearer more measurable goals
  • Helps managers to reach goals faster and perform at their best
  • In many cases it can help you to solve problems and make better decisions
  • It can also improve your internal and external business relationships
  • In short it helps the experienced manager to be the best that they can be

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How do we deliver Manager Coaching?

We deliver it Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Anyhow

  • We will fit in to your busy schedule.
  • You choose Face to face or On-site or Phone/ Web based  or Off-site
  • Take advantage of our free offer on Manager Coaching

Try Before you Buy

free-offerAsk for our “Free Offer of Manager Coaching
We will arrange to have on of our coaches talk to you
If you are near one of our coaches we will visit you
For the more remote we’ll have a free telephone conversation

We will give the first session to you for free
Both of these offers have No Obligation to buy on your part

We know that you need to find out more
Our aim is to help you to decide if Rainmaker Manager coaching is for you
A simple, easy and free way to find out if a Rainmaker Manager coach will meet your needs

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What packages of Manager Coaching services do we offer?

We offer Easy to budget, Fixed Price, Fixed Deliverables Packages with Guaranteed Results
One of our clients asked us to put together a package with 6 face to face Manager coaching sessions with a performance profile report for 30 of their managers.

We agreed a fixed price and delivered across the UK and Ireland.

We offer a satisfaction guaranteed or money back promise

  • a return on your time as an experienced manager
  • a return on investment to your company

Who actually delivers the Manager Coaching?

Here are examples of our Manager Coaching Specialists

What do our current clients say of the Manager Coaching service?

“The coaching, training and personal development that I have received from Rainmaker has been excellent. The coaching in particular has been a revelation. I have found it has really opened my eyes in terms of what is possible for me, my family and my business team. He even unintentionally helped me give up smoking!”
Julian Le bray: Morgan Lovell UK

“The Business Coaching programme conducted by Rainmaker has been one of the most instructive and useful experiences of my working life. The Rainmaker coach quickly understood my business and challenges and provided a non-judgmental, balanced and pragmatic view. This allowed be to take a step back from day to day operations to focus first on week to week, then month to month and now quarter to quarter planning and beyond.

The strategies I was able to formulate and implement since my coaching have had a dramatic bottom line impact and allowed me to become a more effective manager and leader. I would recommend this coaching to anyone who struggles to find the time to deal with the big stuff that makes the small stuff work smoothly”
Tom Legge General Manager at TMP UK Ltd

“Rainmaker coaching gave me belief and confidence to market and promote myself which has led to many good work opportunities. The key is understanding the need to work out what makes you tick and how you present to the outside world, once you have mastered this anything is possible! The concept of being a ‘rainmaker’ and making things happen in your life is absolutely right.”
Mark Lloyd – Mark Lloyd Associates Ltd

If the Manager Coaching program looks like something that would suit you…

What should you do now?

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