Career Coaching Packages

(Face to face +  Skype + Email + Phone) Fixed Price + Fixed Deliverables

Rainmaker’s Career Coaching packages

Are designed for people who

    • Are thinking about where-to-next in their careers
    • Maybe unhappy with their manager and thinking about changing companies
    • Maybe just want a little interview practice
    • Want help with a CV re-write
    • Want a Career coach to give them guidance
    • Need an experienced business executive to help think through their options
    • Appreciate a confidence boosting interviewer to help them practice interviews
    • Maybe a graduate starting out into the world of work
    • Maybe returning to work after a break

Your Career Coach will help you through all of the practical aspects of applying for jobs

  • From assessing and documenting your achievements and results so far
  • To working with you identify your “Bulls-Eye” job or find a good next career step
  • Through Building a great CV
  • Performing well in telephone and face to face interviews
  • Building your confidence
  • Maximising your chances of landing the right role.

What is included in our Career Coaching packages ?

  •  Upto 6 x 1 hour to 90 minutes long, private sessions with your own Career Coach
  • All delivered over skype (PC to PC) ( or phone if no broadband internet)
    • There is an optional face to face initial session available at addition cost
  • Unlimited email support from your Executive Coach between scheduled sessions
  • Buddy Coach + Emergency helpline
    • Use this when you need to speak to your coach and it can’t wait until your next session
    • Each coach has a buddy who acts as back-up , they will take the call and help
  •  Your sessions will usually take place at the same time and weekly.
  • However if you need to move quickly tell us we will respond.
    • (Coaching session Times from 7.30am until 8.30pm UK time Monday to Friday)  

What pre-work do we ask you to do?

Before your first session, you will be asked to send the following to your Career Coach

  • Your current and Up-to-date CV (Yes we know it may not be great ? )
  • Any cover letters that you’ve used up to now
  • We will send you a template to start to document your achievements so far
  • We’ll ask you to think of appraisals  you’ve had with past employers.
    • Tell your coach what was said about you and your performance
  • We will send you an exercise to help you to think about immediate career goals
    • What do you want to be doing in 6 months, 1 year and 5 years?
  • Tell your Career Coach about any recent job applications experiences that you’ve had
  • Tell them What if any interview feedback have you had to-date
  •  Send your Career Coach hyperlinks to any job ads that look great next steps
  • Portfolio/examples/ brag files of your work if you have one

Choose UPTO 6 Sessions with your Career Coach as part of the Career Coaching package

PLUS : In addition to your scheduled sessions with your coach, you are able to contact them by phone between sessions.  You might want to share a success or if you need urgent advice, maybe an extra confidence booster just before an interview.  You also have unlimited email contact with them (within reason) between sessions to update them on your progress.

You can Choose All 6 sessions or Only 1 or any number inbetween.
Sessions can be taken in any order as dictated by you.
You might want to have a session 6 immediately before an interview you have.
Between sessions you may be given exercises to work on through the week.
This way at each session you know you have made considerable progress.

Session 1:
Career Review

With your Career Coach you’ll

  • Examine your career and work experiences so far.
  • Take a look at what you’re good at and maybe what you are not so good at ..
  • Be shown how best to describe your achievements and results
  • Discuss which roles you are most suited for, what needs to be in a job for you to succeed
  • Get a feel for what styles, size and types of companies you would like to work for

Session 2:
Defining who you are at work, what your future Brand should be and your uniques  

With your Career Coach you’ll

  • Focus on who you are today
  • Look at the feedback you’ve had so far about your interview technique.
  • Get honest feedback on your current CV.
  • Document how you want to be perceived by current or future employers
  • See what  you need to do to build your Brand
  • Agree why you think someone should hire you
  • May also be shown methods to use to change people’s perceptions of you


Session 3:

With your Career Coach you will

  •   Set out your Go-To-Market plan with it’s various elements.
    • Picking and Handling Head Hunters and Recruiters
    • 3-Ways of Finding opportunities
    • Using On-line media to attract opportunities

Session 4:
Writing “Stand-Out ” CVs, sending “hiring-company-focused” cover letters /e-mails  

With your Career Coach you will

  •  See how to make your CV and application stand out on paper
  • Get to use  Power words / Fonts / White space / Readability
  • Maybe a little too on what NOT to say in your CV
  • How to get through “The 18 second test” with your CV
  • Be shown how to prepare your power stories

You will also be asked to find an online job role or career next step job description.
Send it to your Career Coach 2 days before session 5

Session 5: Successful Telephone Interviewing

With your Career Coach you will

  • Be shown how we conduct a behavioural or capability or competency-based interview
  • Have to role play a 15 minute Telephone Interview with your Executive Job Coach
  • You’ll get immediate feedback on how you did plus advice and tips on how to improve.


Session 6: How to be great at a Face to Face Interview

With your Career Coach you will

  • Be shown how we conduct a behavioural or capability or competency-based interview
  • Show a picture to your coach of how you will look and arrive at your interview.
  • Go through a 30 minute “tough” competency based interview with additional searching questions
  • You’ll get immediate feedback on how you did plus advice and tips on how to improve.

How much is it?

If you take ALL 6 STEPS and The Complete Career Coaching Package costs £1,450 + VAT = £1,740
Add-in a 2 hour face to face meeting and the total package is £1,800 + VAT = £2,160

What if you only want 1 or 2 of the Modules ?
The Skype or Phone delivered modules are priced at £240 + VAT = £288

Payment will be required before we commence the package.
It comes with the usual Rainmaker Satisfaction Guarantee.
We will have one of our Career Coaches talk to you about this BEFORE you spend any of your money.
We call these chats our “Chemistry meetings” and they last 15 minutes and are free.
This makes sure you can get on with your coach

You want to go ahead ! What do you do now?

Call us on 0333 444 1955 on your mobile or 0845 652 1955 on your landline

E-mail  put Career Coaching  in the title , give us a phone number and we’ll call you back