Onboarding best practice for New Executives

Also called Promotion Coaching, OnBoarding, New Executive Coaching,
or First 100 days in a new job

How does our First 100 Days Coaching help?

  • You know that the first 100 days is really important
  • If this is a really important Leadership and Management role
  • You think that an independant Coach would assist the transition
  • If you want a Newly Appointed Manager to be up to speed up to 50% faster

Then our First 100 days services could be your answer

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Fixed Price / Fixed Deliverables / Flexible Approach

  • Unlike other First 100 Days Coaching packages ours is clearly set out
  • You know what you will receive in terms of face to face and telephone based sessions
  • You know you can access your coach outside of those sessions
  • You know that the coaching will cover a series of structured discussions
  • Your coach will cover all aspects of your transition with you
  • You’ll know that you are covering all the bases, leaving little to chance
  • You’ll also know that  your coach will be an experienced executive able to empathise

If our structure needs to change “on the fly” to accomodate your agenda you also know that your coach will be able to respond to your needs too.

What’s our Free, No Obligation 100 Days Coaching Offer?

satisfaction-guaranteed-webEmail us at info@rainmaker-coaching.co.uk and

Ask for our “Get to know us” offer on First 100 days Coaching

We’ll arrange for a chat about your needs either face to face or on the phone

A simple, easy and free way to find out if we fit your needs

What do the First 100 Days Coaching Packages include?

  • We offer easy to budget Fixed Price / Fixed Deliverables with Guaranteed Results
  • We offer a range of Psychometric Profiles if needed
  • Some include workshops to move quickly to action
  • We give you a Satisfaction Guarantee
  • We will deliver a return on your time for you
  • We also guarantee to deliver a return on the investment to your company

What will our First 100 days Coaching  Service give you?

  • Assistance in the form of a Proven Framework to build a realistic plan
  • Based on Best Practices
  • An easy way to Break from your old role
  • A chance to match Strategy to Situation
  • A  Focus on Securing Early Wins
  • Help to Build Your Team
  • A Sounding board to help Keep Your Balance
  • Specific tips on how to Achieve Alignment
  • Using a Framework to Accelerate Team Development

If our First 100 Days Coaching Program looks like something that would suit you…

What should you do now?

Call us on 0845 652 1955

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free-offerEmail us, put “First 100 Days Coaching” in your subject line add your contact details

We will arrange for Amanda to meet you for a free no-obligation Chemistry meeting to see if you can work together

Or if you are more remote we’ll arrange an initial phone converstaion

Either way we’ll discuss your exact needs and put forward our ideas for you

A simple, easy and free way to find out if we fit your needs.

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