Coaching for Techies and Highly Talented Individual Contributors a.k.a Super Geeks ;-}

  • Coaching for Individual Contributors and Techies
    • Do you have in your company Super Talented Techies &/or Individual Contributors who you need to keep engaged
      • Are they vital to keep your products & business rolling?
      • Have they been on every Technical training course?
      • Are they career hungry but do not aspire to go up the managerial ladder
      • Are they Technically Brilliant but Charisma Free – Fantastic central processor but awful user interface?
      • Do they work hard, have great enthusiasm and great work ethics.
      • Have they all the credentials for the next position, but not getting the traction.
      • Do you want to ensure that they are being recognised & rewarded?
      • Been ‘promised’ a promotion for a while, but still waiting.


    Our Coach Jo Holloway can help

    Jo is a highly motivated, fun and compassionate NLP Coach. Her main focus is 1:1 Coaching.

    Jo has lived and worked internationally for many years across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, America, Asia and Azerbaijan.

    She has a proven track record in providing Coaching to facilitate software start-up and fast scaling dynamic organisations.

    She gets the importance of building strong teams, of nurturing influential partnerships, remaining intellectually curious and creative, being agile and resilient, whilst retaining and empowering good talent and above all encouraging a sense of fun and enjoyment.

    Jo is straight off the ‘front line’ from one of the world’s fastest growing software companies where she was head of HR and an active member of the Board of Directors.

    Combining her years of experience as an International HR leader and an NLP Coach, Jo has found a niche within the following areas:

    Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Stress Management, Performance Management, Retaining Top Talent.

What geographic area does Jo cover with her face to face coaching?
Thames Valley + London + West of London
Jo covers the globe with Skype, phone and web based coaching

  • Jo will work with your Techies and individual Contributors to help them:
    • Ensure that they display the confidence that they can do the job at the next level.
    • Demonstrate that they have a corporate mind set and are working for the interests of the business
    • Connect the dots between their work and the company’s strategy – and how to ensure that their manager is aware.
    • Expand their strategic vision & communication, ensuring everything they do contributes towards the company mission and strategy.
    • Develop strong relationships and communication at all levels in the organisation
    • To help work with those who may not have their level of technical expertise or understanding (never correcting anyone’s error in public)
    • Continue their curiosity to learn – & treat any constructive feedback as learning opportunities.
    • Keep a positive attitude


    A Recommendation from a recent Techie / Geek coaching assignment .
    This testimonial documents my thoughts and opinions on the process of coaching that I spent with Jo Holloway.
    I engaged upon this coaching following an extended period of dissatisfaction at work and in my life as a whole.  Coaching is essentially a proactive, task based approach.  It differs from counselling in that it uses a more a forward looking approach, rather than analysing the past, and is based on the identifying and setting of goals.

    Having made contact with Jo we arranged an initial evening phone call that was followed by a further five sessions.  We began by my describing my situation, and then considering various issues in more detail.  The process was largely one of my venting my own thoughts, with the coach paraphrasing my thoughts, so I could hear them back, picking out what was perceived to be of interest, challenging with probing questions or simply providing a neutral sounding board.  As someone who had already thought long and hard about various options and discussed these regularly with family and friends, I was skeptical about the benefits of such talking.  It seemed to me that I had become so good at arguing all sides of any possible alternatives that the status quo, the devil I knew, would always win out.  However, the conversations were very beneficial.

    The coaching made me consider my own personality.  I summarised exactly how I felt at that current time and then what it was I really wanted.
    My current feelings at that time were:

    • An intense feeling of dissatisfaction of where I was and where I could be, expected to be
    • A feeling that staying where/as I was, was a failure and a step back – not making  an effort to be more – rather than moving on an admission of failure

    The summary of how I felt about what I want to do, be and have were/are:

    • To achieve a degree of success beyond the norm
    • To feel content and less competitive towards others
    • To feel competent in what I do, to not feel that I am struggling
    • Ultimately to be happy

    Coaching does not pretend to find and suggest the required courses of action, but attempts to help you find your own way.  However, it was useful to sit and discuss the possible courses of action and the aims and goals of it.  We summarised the possible courses of action. The coaching sessions I had left me feeling more positive and in control of my life and able to make the decision and change I wanted.

    Coaching Testimonial   By Anonymous  Software Engineer
    What should you do next :

    If you’d like to discuss further how Jo Holloway may be able to help you and your Techies and Individual Contributors get the best out of each other…

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