Case Study: Virtual Workshop

Rainmaker Coaching was asked by a client to move a successful face to face management skills day workshop into a virtual environment as the COVID 19 lockdown started. The client had quickly realised that business critical learning and development needed to continue despite all staff having to work from home. The other benefit, which materialised later, was that the training was a welcome distraction to the new home working routine.

Adobe Connect Learning

The challenge to bring participants, the facilitator and business actors together was resolved using Adobe Connect, the leading virtual workshop platform.

The workshop is highly inter-active and requires audio/webcam on for the whole time, so that participants are fully involved, can ask questions and inter-act with the facilitator and each-other reducing the possibility of being distracted or disengaged. The virtual break-outs rooms allow smaller group to inter-act with the business actor and practice in a psychologically safe environment. The breakout room whiteboards capturing the key learning can be brought back into plenary for discussion. Quiz’s, polls and video are used to keep the agenda exciting.

The virtual workshop is split over 2 days, starting on the afternoon of day 1 with an overnight break and concludes at lunchtime on day 2. This is a happy medium between 3-4 short daily sessions and an eight-hour virtual red-eye day!

The results have been great. All the delegates returned for day 2! The feedback is really good. You can read the best bits here.

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Virtual Workshop

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