Case Study: Strategic Planning

The requirement

To assist a struggling organisation to transition into becoming a high-performance, employee owned business with a nationally recognised brand.

To facilitate the creation of a compelling, agreed vision along with a set of clear strategic plans and a behavioural framework which engendered a genuine sense of pride and performance which enable the client to recover both its market and financial position.

What we delivered

The design and delivery of a series of workshops to explore the possible opportunities and agree upon the vision and strategic plan along with a set of agreed values and behaviours.

We also delivered a series of ongoing bespoke support session to review progress against plans and the required behaviours and to upskill the team and increase its rigor.

We also provided individual and group coaching from the CEO to the front of house teams to help issue resolution and to imbed new habits.

The outcome

A motivated team beating their strategic goals and targets within an empowered culture. The team were able to repeat the planning process a year later and had the maturity to take on board and embed even greater performance and behavioural rigor.

Team members and departments continue to exceed their profit targets and achieve employee ownership bonuses by using a new set of personal and team disciplines.

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