Case Study: Management and Leadership Programme

The requirement

To design and deliver a leadership programme aligned to the client’s core values to provide a range of management and leadership development and coaching interventions across an 18-month period.

This was followed by a team leader programme – being a cut down version of the main programme lasting six months.

What we delivered

An agreed series of workshops with coaching interventions between each workshop to help delegated to embed their learning and overcome obstacles.

We involved a range of senior managers in the support for this programme to encouraged open discussions about both strategic and operational situations across the business. This involved the senior team themselves in recognising that they too needed to change in order to support a values-based culture and leadership model.

We used the clients LMS to hold learning material and created a portal for delegates to speak between their cohorts and share new.

The outcome

A more consistent and appropriate approach to management and leadership across the business and their working sites. The achievement of the clients IIP gold award, much improved Institute of Customer Service survey results and entry into the times top 100 businesses to work for.

A series of repeat workshops for new a managers’ recruited into the business.

Management and Leadership Programme

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