Case Study: Coaching and Mentoring

Rainmaker Coaching was asked by a client to work with some new managers to successfully transition them into an established client organisation and increase their skillsets from customer service through to sales methodology.

As a result of lock down we re-designed what would otherwise have been a well-established face to face coaching activity. As this was judged as ‘business critical’ learning that needed to continue despite the prevailing situation.

Microsoft Teams

By using MS Teams we initially ran a getting to know each other and contracting conversation. This not only established boundaries for the coaching but also importantly built relationship awareness and personal trust. This acted as the bedrock for future coaching sessions. By using MS Teams we could not only have a face to face conversation but also share screens and material as required.

We quickly established rapport and delivered a series of 90-minute coaching sessions reviewing progress made against previous agreed actions as well as new areas of explorations. These sessions quickly became productive and fitted into daily work routines. We used Teams Channels in between times to have virtual conversations

The results have been great with new levels of understanding and fresh evidence of putting learning into practice with some impressive results. We believe that trust is the one thing that changes everything and by putting in the time and effort to build trust and understanding at the start of the assignment we were able to coach with empathy, understanding, challenge and candour, all delivered remotely which was a new and enjoyable experience for the client.

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