Case Study: Business Event Workshop Facilitation

The requirement

The design and facilitation of an annual meeting of executives with their new CEO to set the scene for a successful year ahead and begin the process of healing internal rifts and bonding the team together.

What we delivered

We took the group through a one day facilitated event which opened up communication between the senior team and brought to the surface a range of important internal and external issues along with options to successfully address these including the creation of an effort/impact grid to identify the effort required and the extent of the expected impact.

We followed this event with 1:1 coaching support for the CEO to enable her to overcome hurdles and build further the relationships with and between the senior team members. This continued behind the scenes support kept the plans on track

The outcome

A year later we facilitated a further annual planning event. It was very clear that much had been achieved in the previous year and strong relationships of trust had been build amongst the SMT.

Business Event Workshop Facilitation

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