Selling and Rainmaking: Are you the go-to person for your clients?

The rainmakers I speak to, often talk in terms of being the “go-to” person.
They want to be the person that their clients go to or call and ask advice on a range of topics
not just the services they and their company deliver.

Why and how do they do that?
The why is the easiest to answer…
They know that they want to be the trusted advisor to their client.
They want to know anything and everything that is going on around their clients and the
services they in-turn deliver. That way they know what’s going on in their clients company
and they know that if they launch a new service which of their clients will be interested and
what services their clients are buying today
The how is a little more involved…
They are continually networking inside and outside of their
company and field of expertise into related areas.

They will always “know” of someone who can offer a solution or they can ask their network
where to find someone. They also devote more time to this by following down a solution for a client.
They will weed out those people who do not do a good job for their client too, because they know their own reputation and brand depends on the referrals they make.

So next time your client asks you for something you do not do, However it’s close to what you do…
Ask yourself do you want to be their “go to” person?
What would that be worth to you and your business.

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