Sales Training – Rainmaking: Overcoming Inertia

Sales Training – Rainmaking: Overcoming Inertia

I’d like to venture that given our experience at Sales Training the biggest competitor that keeps beating your sales team is called Inertia.

That’s the force that makes people sit on their hands and do absolutely nothing.

At forecasting time your sales people will be saying something like
“Well it’s not gone away, However she’s been in meetings and her mobile goes to voicemail.”
After the next couple of times they’ve said that… They’ll quietly forget it and take it off of their forecast..

So what can you do to help them?

At your next Sales Training meeting Coach them to get the prospect to answer the “So What?” Question.

We are going to assume that they have gone through a process of getting the prospect to write down their Pains and Problems.
Your people should also have taken them through the “Present State to Desired state exercise” .
The discussions should have been outcome focused not problem focused thinking.
There should now be a decent case for the business to go ahead with what you are proposing.
Both parties in the discussions should have an idea of what it will cost, how long it will take, what risks and who’s going to be involved.

Now you get them to play devil’s advocate
or perhaps you as their manager can attend a joint appointment with them and you play that role?

The questions the devil’s advocate all follow along the lines of getting the prospect to answer the question ‘So What?’ ?
If your problems don’t get resolved, so what?
If you don’t solve these problems what is it that won’t happen?
Will the problems get worse? How quickly?
How will they affect the bottom line of your company,(Division, Department)?
If your outcomes doesn’t become reality soon, so what?
What if the initiative drops by the wayside never to be mentioned again? Will anyone notice?
If the outcomes do become reality, how much better will your competitive position become?

Please stay alert for a “So What” answer that can be personally motivated
(e.g. the client will get promoted to Director if your service works out well)
However more commonly you’ll get more ammunition for your
compelling ( We need to this  now) business case rather than the bland ( I need to do this sometime) business case

Let us know how you get on

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