Relationship Management in Projects

Relationship Management in Projects
Want a thriving business?
We suggest you might focus on developing relationship management and project management soft skills 

We often think that project management involves huge teams completing complex pieces of work with a project manager at the helm controlling everything.

The truth is that almost all tasks we complete in business are projects.
Projects can be small as a few members of staff updating a company website or as large as hundreds employees in a computer company launching a new tablet.

Another common misconception is that projects must have an external customer.
Giving a presentation to a group of colleagues or writing a report for your boss are examples of projects with an internal customer.

Today our jobs are more challenging than ever. We have a constantly growing list of tasks to complete.
As a result, an increasing number of people are finding themselves in the project manager role.
This role is to develop relationships of trust with the players in the project

So what can we learn from the world of project managers that can help us successfully deliver results for our businesses?

Defining the Project Scope

Firstly, the project manager must define the scope of the project. Projects have definite time, cost and quality requirements.
The project manager needs to know what the customer wants.
Then the PM must find the right people with the best skills to complete the project to the time, cost and quality requirements.

Building Strong Relationships

Building strong relationships are vital for successful project management.
Although project managers are responsible for delivering work, they don’t necessarily complete it themselves. They need help from other people with different specialisms.
In the case of an advertising campaign, the project manager will oversee work from several different specialists, including market researchers, graphic designers and copywriters.

In most cases, junior managers who coordinate project don’t have authority over these specialists.
They can’t demand that other team members complete tasks. Indeed in large multi-national companies the PM might never meet the people they are working with.
Therefore, PMs need to build high trust relationships so they can rely on other team members to complete important project work.

Achieving Results with the Strength Deployment Inventory

The Strength Deployment Inventory is a life inventory based on relationship awareness theory.
It helps project managers build effective relationships with other team members and succeed in business.
The SDI allows project managers to achieve business goals by understanding others perspectives and resolving conflicts that affect relationships.

PMs and Client facing managers learn to identify what gives them a sense of self-worth and what’s important to them in their relationships with others. The SDI teaches project managers how to connect quickly and easily with other team members. By understanding others motivational value systems, project managers can learn to avoid conflict, coordinate other team members’ work and complete projects successfully.

Developing Relationship and Project Management Skills

Rainmaker Project Management Soft Skill Training teaches project managers the skills they need to motivate their teams.
PMs learn and practice the Strength Deployment Inventory in a safe environment.
Participants gain practical experience by working with a team of business actors who play the part of difficult and demanding clients

Workshops are tailored-made to delegates’ needs. Rainmaker offers three levels of project management training.
Programme highlights include conflict and relationship management, questioning and listening skills and how to turbo charge projects.

Efficient project management leads to a more engaged and productive workforce, enabling companies to win new customers and increase profitability.

Ask us for more details about how Rainmaker Project Management and Relationship Management Soft Skills Training can help you achieve real results in your business.

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