People Management: What can your Leadership team do to help the survivors of a restructuring?

People Management: What can your Leadership team do to help the survivors of a restructuring?

We’ve set out below 6 suggestions as to what may help you and your team pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get back to the job of increasing revenues, decreasing costs and improving client delight with your services after a bout of company restructuring or downsizing

1. Where to next?

For most of the survivors they will want you to answer this question.
They’ll need an answer from you about the company direction and new vision and one for them personally.
Once you’ve answered that as clearly and as candidly as you can there will be a host of others, some tricky.
You’ll need to answer those too.
A great time to practice the art of management by wandering around.
Ask lots of questions yourself, listen, be interested, be accessible and be present.
Show the teams that you are saddened by the moves you’ve had to make but excited about the future

2. Rethink the vision

Your team will expect the leadership team to be able to articulate the new vision.
Do this with passion and people will follow. The more vivid and exciting the more enthusiasm.

3. Set new goals and progress measures

If you know where you are heading then it should be clear to your teams how to measure progress and set milestones.
This will provide clear focus and direction and cause for celebrations later (when you hit targets)

4. Empower the survivors

Ask your teams to take responsibility for their part of the shared plan.
This could be an opportunity for them to show how great they are, however they need to move quickly and before your competitors do.

5. Roll up your sleeves

You and your teams will know that you will probably have too much work to do, too many things to do and so little time to do it in.
Be there to plug the occassional gap and smooth difficult transitions.

6. Be patient

A little time might be needed for people to grieve about the previous way you did business and ex-colleagues.
The new vision and new opportunities will take over in time

I hope that you appreciate us sharing our views with you and that the 6 suggestions have given you food for thought and action..

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