Interviewer Skills Training: What does great look like as an Interviewer?: 3 more ideas

Interviewer Skills Training: What does great look like as an Interviewer?: 3 more ideas
Everyone agrees hiring the right people is so important…

Why then do we find managers happy to “Shoot from the Lip”.
Many rock up and start asking questions. Different questions at random.
Lots have never been trained on how to interview. Our Interviewer Skills Training Workshop could help?
They relegate themselves to being poor or at best mediocre interviewers.
Perhaps if they were trained they may hire better people
And hey don’t better people build better businesses?

Our view is that if you want to find the best employees you must be the best interviewer you can be.

Here are some more  of our ideas as to what being the best Interviewer you can be might look like

4. You aim for a conversation, not an examination.

If you have researched and found two areas of possible common ground that’s a great way to start a conversation.
Focus on matching and mirroring their body language and pacing their movements until you get to rapport.
Then have a great conversation between adults

5. You are easy to talk to

Nervous candidates can take a little time to warm up and they may not come over well to begin with.
You can help.
Some roles do require the ability to instantly establish rapport (like sales).
In many others a lack of conversational skills does not necessarily signal a lack of expertise.
Ask a question about a hobby or outside interest.
Ask easy questions to start and put them at ease.
Help them settle in and gain confidence.
Remember it about them not you.

6. You are happy to go for a deep dive on certain questions.

You need an interview plan.
You need to ask specific well thought out and prepared questions.
However that’s not all. Some of the best questions are follow-up questions.
Follow-up questions take you into the details.
“That be where treasure lies” to quote Long John Silver
Ask how, ask why or when. Ask “Tell me more”.
Who did what? What did you learn from failure?
What made a task fun?
Ask what the candidate would do differently with hindsight, and why.

Not only will you get past the canned responses, you’ll also learn details—positive and negative—the candidate never planned or would have thought to share.

Watch out for our final installment in this series

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