Interviewer Skills Training: What does great look like? 3 ideas for you

Interviewer Skills Training: What does great look like? 3 ideas for you

Everyone agrees hiring the right people is so important…

Why then do we find managers happy to “Shoot from the Lip”.
Many rock up and start asking questions.
Different questions at random.
Lots have never been trained on how to interview.
(Our Interviewer Skills Training Workshop might help here)
They relegate themselves to being poor or at best mediocre interviewers.
Perhaps if they were trained they may hire better people
And hey don’t better people build better businesses?

Our view is that if you want to find the best employees you must be the best interviewer you can be.

Here are some of our ideas as to what being the best you can be might look like

1.  Do your Preparation:

A great employee comes into an organisation with promise.
Yes they can do the job day 30 and yes they’ll fit in a box on the org chart>
However they have lots of other things that you’re going to find a use for.
They’ll have a cultural fit with your company. How are you going to test for that?
You’re going to want results in the job? Have they delivered similar results in similar roles?
How are you going to find that out at the interview?

They will need a set of skills and experience.
Are you going to ask all the candidates the same set of questions?

If you ask them the question “Have you had experience with Oracle 7.2?”
Please expect a Yes, but prepare yourself for a surprise in six months time.
When they say “But not THAT level of experience” and you have to find someone else.

If you’re hiring for sales how about preparing them to demonstrate how they go through a sales process with their current products.
Get them to bring a case study.
What questions did they ask?
What benefits did the solution offer to the customer?
What was the ROI?
And at the interview ask if they’ll give you the case study prospect name as a reference?

2. You ensure candidates are prepared.

Your process should do this each and every time:
Tell them exactly when, exactly where, exactly who will be conducting the interview(s)…
They should know everything. If it’s a group interview tell them exactly that.
Remember this is a two way process.
You are selling the right candidate your company from the moment they first interact with you.
Do not put the best people off.

3. Do your research on the candidate.

The CV is a good starting point: What jobs?
What qualifications? What results? What achievements?
Job hopper? Promoted yes but how frequently?
Same level just moving sideways?
Interests?  What projects?

On to social media.
What interests?
How might that fit in your company’s culture?
What’s their network like?
What does that say about professional interests?

Watch out for more ideas on what great might look like for you as an interviewer

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