Career Coaching: When the only way isn’t UP

Career Coaching: When the only way isn’t UP

Gone are the days when the only way for a career was directly up.

I suggest that thinking differently might keep your career moving quicker and longer.

Here are three tips for thinking differently about your next career move if “UP” isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

1. Think and Look laterally.

Don’t think of job descriptions as much as job families, or groups of jobs that have competencies in common.
For example if you are a financial analyst, consider other analyst positions in your company.
Perhaps in market research or sales.
It’s easier to move within a company where you are known.
Horizontal experience can also broaden your skills, which improves your chances of moving up.

2. Prove you can handle a promotion.

Volunteer to help your manager with her job.
Learn to do them well.
Offer to help interview job candidates, train and coach new people, and give them performance feedback.
Your progress should automatically make you a candidate for the next manager job.

3. Grow your skills to grow your job.

Seek out and take advantage of opportunities when they appear, and actively exceed expectations.
For example, I had a PA, who was given the task of  scheduling training of people for a new system.
It proved  impossible to schedule.
She learned the new system and decided to train the sales team one-on-one.
It wasn’t long before she was asked if she wanted to be a trainer by IT department.

What’s your next career move? Where will you look? What can you volunteer for?
Are there similar job roles to yours with overlapping skills required?
Go and be curious about how the people succeed and what they do

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