New Product Development Workshops

Stuck with a few ideas for new products or services? Team not sure what’s next? You have a number of new ideas but you are not sure what should be the order of priority or in what order to introduce them? The Rainmaker team have run a number of workshops that have tested and created new […]

Business Development Training: Services reaching Maturity?

Are you seeing more competition for each engagement? Is it harder for you to get a decent price for your services? Are the Purchasing Dept involved in getting you to drop your price? Are longtime clients putting out RFPs for “your” work? Maybe it’s time to recognise that your services have reached the Maturity stage […]

The Purpose of the Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals like lots of management tools, can be misused. HR managers usually say it’s their most important device for reviewing team members. Our experience in running our Appraisal Skills Training Workshops is that, if not used properly often managers, supervisors, as well as employees hate the thought of them. Their Internal HR consultants try really […]

SMARTER Objectives: Free e-book guide

In an effort to ensure Employees and Line managers get the most out of each other they AGREE objectives. (We cover this in our Appraisal Skills Training Workshop ) Often they agree SMART objectives and targets. There are lots of ways that SMART and SMARTER are represented, this is our version Specific : To your […]

Relationship Management in Projects

Want a thriving business? We suggest you might focus on developing relationship management and project management soft skills  We often think that project management involves huge teams completing complex pieces of work with a project manager at the helm controlling everything. The truth is that almost all tasks we complete in business are projects. Projects […]

Need A Workshop Facilitator? 5 Ways A Rainmaker Knowledge Café Can Transform Your Business

Need A Workshop Facilitator? 5 Ways A Rainmaker Knowledge Café Can Transform Your Business You have a new project at work. You organise a meeting and get the team together. You desperately want to hear from everyone, including internal and external stakeholders .. However as usual the same voices dominate the discussion and everyone else […]

Rainmaker Training ; A Cross-Selling Workshop?

Can the people across your company describe what you do for your customers?   Can they really describe it to your satisfaction? Could their descriptions motivate a client to ask for more information on the service? Try these workshops with your team as a test. It helps if your cross-selling workshop facilitator has had some […]

Sales Training : Be Interested THEN be Interested #2

This is a follow up and taking a different slant from our previous blog … Be Interested then be Interesting #1 When meeting new people, many people put themselves under pressure to talk. Their head is filled with fears like “What should I talk about? What shall I say? ” They enter these initial encounters with […]