SMARTER Objectives: Free e-book guide

In an effort to ensure Employees and Line managers get the most out of each other they AGREE objectives.
(We cover this in our Appraisal Skills Training Workshop )
Often they agree SMART objectives and targets.

There are lots of ways that SMART and SMARTER are represented, this is our version

Specific : To your role as an individual and to the outcomes you are trying to achieve

Measurable : So that you can both objectively determine whether the end result has been achieved

Agreed : Upon by you and your Line Manager. Note we don’t use the word SET but AGREED

Realistic : And within your accountability, authority and control

Timed :   To include milestones that will indicate progress

Empowering : We all like to think we are making a difference and can have a choice on the HOW

Reviewed : Absolutely no point in writing them down and filing them.
Only by reviewing them do we learn anything about what’s possible.

We’ve put together a free e-book on how to agree SMARTER Objectives

Here it is … Rainmaker e-book Agreeing Objectives

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