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What type of people become associates of Rainmaker?

  • A Management or Sales Trainer
  • A Management Consultant
  • An Executive Coach working on your own
    • You feel colleagues to work with / bounce ideas off may help
  • An Experienced Manager
    • Someone who’s spent time in a rich coaching culture
    • Someone now looking to make a difference
  • A Sales Executive looking for a career change in direction
  • An existing Rainmaker willing to share your experience

Why would you choose to work as a Rainmaker?

  • You might want to work with an experienced team
  • You may feel that you can offer an additional capability to our team
  • Your clients are looking for new services and capabilities that you don’t have
  • Working with Rainmaker enables you to offer additional services
  • You could grow your business and increase your share of client wallet
  • You keep account control of your clients
  • Your geographic location allows us to offer our service into a new area
  • You benefit from experience of the team working on larger projects
  • You maintain control of your business and destiny

If this looks like the kind of relationship you would benefit from…

What should you do now?

Email us at info@rainmaker-coaching.co.uk

Send your profile and add a few lines on why you think we should be talking

Finally take a look at Our People to see the current range of knowledge, experience and ability that we have on our team