What is the overall Mission of the Rainmaker team?

“To assist clients to develop their people and businesses to be the best that they both can be.”

What’s the Rainmaker Way?

A few guiding principles we stick to

  • Ask them… Don’t tell them
    • We won’t try to tell you what to do.
    • However we’ll make suggestions and recommendations. Only you can decide
    • We’ll suggest that you don’t just TELL your people what to do, that you ask them too
    • We Co-Create solutions with you
    • We’ll get your people involved in building shared plans too
  • Have your clients buy…. versus you trying to “Sell” them
    • A subtle and effective yet more gentle way of developing business
    • What we call Rainmaking versus Selling
  • Co-create your destiny
    • Build Shared Plans…. In Preference to Share Built Plans
    • By sharing a built plan you condemn yourself to have to SELL your plan
    • By Co-Creating a shared plan people get involved and get committed to their plan
  • Coach your people
    • Positively reinforcing desired behaviours , Once you have defined what they are
    • It’s been known for a long time the only way to change behaviours is
    • To detect when a person is doing something correct and praise them
    • Behaviour will not change by finding fault when they do something wrong
    • Coaching takes a little longer but it is the only way to get people to change
  • Outcome thinking…. Not Problem thinking
    • By focusing on what you really want you will find ways to help you move towards it
    • If you focus on your problems you will see them really clearly and move towards them
    • Believe it then you will see it.
    • It’s better than waiting for seeing is believing
  • You’ll know how to do what we do when we leave
    • Our aim is to help you do what we do
    • We’ll plan action learning sets and “Coach the coach” sessions with you to hand over
    • We’ll also run the first one or two strategy plan review meetings to help you get into the rythym

What do we believe?

  • People already have the resources within themselves to succeed
  • Teams sometimes may need new tools frameworks or processes or sometimes both
  • We look at the processes first then we look at the people operating in the processes
  • We have found that the majority of people wake up wanting to do a great job
  • Often stuff gets in their way

What are our beliefs about Rainmaking?

  • Just like a Rainmaker indirectly makes it rain to grow their crops
  • We help our clients to grow their people to develop their business
  • We can help our clients deliver more opportunities from their existing clients
  • Doing this will increase our client’s revenues
  • At the same time this lowers their cost of selling and creates loyal clients for them

On the Topic of Rainmaking our logic goes like this:

  • Your people can develop questioning and listening skills
  • If they use these they will understand your clients’ needs…
  • This will uncover opportunities to improve your client’s business
  • If you respond to those opportunities then your clients will be more loyal
  • Loyal clients buy more services from you & lower your costs of selling
  • It’s 5 to 7 times more expensive to find a new client than to get more from an existing one
  • Lower cost of selling should mean you increase your profits
  • Profits help to satisfy and make more productive your employees who then deliver good customer service
  • Satisfied clients buy more of your services and repeat…

What are the Rainmaker Team Values?

  • If we said we would do it. We will.
  • For us Listening is more important than talking.
  • We will always be interested first, then we’ll try to be interesting.
  • We know we can’t change minds by only telling people what to do

If Rainmaker sounds like the kind of company that
you would like to do business with then what should you do?

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  • We do have a finite number of very experienced team members
  • We operate a “first come-first served” system of allocating teams to clients

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