Our Mission:

Improving Performance and Processes, Developing People,
and Helping Build Plans that work for organisations looking to grow

What kind of people do we deliver our services to?

  • Company Directors,Business Owners and Business Leaders
  • New and Experienced Managers, Managers in Transition
  • Sales People and Sales Managers
  • Services Deliverers (Consultants / Project managers / Engineers etc )
  • Human Resources Teams
  • Customer-facing professionals

What services do we supply?

Our services include:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Face to face or web and phone based
  • Training and Development
    • Usually on-your-site / Occasionally off-site
    • 1 to 2  and   1 to many
  • Workshop Facilitation
    • Scenario Planning Workshops
    • Leadership Team Business Strategy or Away Day Planning workshops
    • Management and Departmental Team Business Planning workshops
    • Innovation and Services Development Workshops
    • Focus Groups Moderation
    • Account Development Workshops for Sales Teams
    • Client Business Development Workshops for Services teams

What sorts of clients do we typically work with?

Please take a look at our client list , you will find there

  • Divisions of large multinationals
  • Medium sized businesses
  • Micro and Start –up businesses
  • Clients who are selling and delivering high value-added products and services

What parts of the UK do we cover?

  • Our main base is in Wokingham, Berkshire to the West of London in the UK
  • We have teams operating in London, the Midlands, the South-West and The North-West of England
  • We have executive coaches in the all of the above places and other parts of the UK

Who is in the Rainmaker Coaching team?

  • We’re all experienced business managers
  • Many of us have operated at Vice President or Managing Director level
  • Some operated at European Director level in Multi National Companies
  • All are now Consultants, Workshop Facilitators, Trainers or Coaches
  • For more details click “Our people

What other web pages might help you to decide to use our services?

Our Mission and Values will help you understand how we like to work and what makes us different and better.

What if I am a coach or trainer and want to work with the Rainmaker team on my clients?

Click on “Opportunities”.  This page deals with how you could work with us.